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For Those Lucky Enough To Get Them, The PW8 Esme Cullen Twilight Card Is Cool!

The Good: Good image, Necessary for collectors, Quite rare
The Bad: Expensive! Doesn't so much DO anything!
The Basics: Arguably overpriced, the PW8 Esme Cullen Pieceworks baseball costume card is a worthwhile card for collectors of Twilight merchandise!

I seem to be in Twilight Saga overload of late. I keep encountering more things from that franchise and as a result, I find I have more things to write about. Given how hard it was for me to get in the Twilight P1 promotional card (reviewed here!) it actually surprised me when I was able to get in any more Twilight cards. This franchise is exceptionally overvalued at the moment and as a result, it is a tough one to recommend to collectors because it is hard not to imagine the collectibles plummeting in value within the next five years. That said, it is hard not for me to recommend the PW8 Esme Cullen Pieceworks card.

When the film Twilight (reviewed here!) was released, Inkworks won the license and began producing exceptionally limited trading cards. With their Twilight trading card series, one of the highly-sought-after bonus cards were the Pieceworks cards and even secondary characters, like Esme, have had their Pieceworks cards skyrocket in value.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, the Pieceworks cards are costume cards and the PW8 Esme Cullen card is no exception. What this means is that the physical card is a little more than twice as thick as the standard trading cards. Inkworks took a set-worn costume, in this case Esme Cullen's baseball jacket, chopped it up and embedded it in between the two card halves. This means that Elizabeth Reaser's original jacket no longer exists, save in the pieces in cards. This is the closest most people will get to an actual set-worn costume from Twilight and given that Esme is a popular supporting character, it is not a bad card.

The PW8 Esme Cullen Piecework card features a nice shot of Elizabeth Reaser in her baseball uniform from the playful scene in Twilight where the Cullens and Bella Swan play baseball. On the left side of the card is the cutout window which features the cloth piece from the costume embedded in it! All versions of this card that I have found have had a plain white cloth swatch.

The back of the card assures the recipient of the authenticity of the Pieceworks card. It states that the PW8 features a piece of Elizabeth Reaser's Esme Cullen baseball costume and that is pretty much the standard for a costume card of this style.

The value of the card makes it a great investment for those lucky enough to pull one from a pack of Twilight cards. Considering the PW8 is one of the more common Twilight Pieceworks cards, the fact that its value is hovering just under a hundred dollars is astonishing from a collectible perspective, though it does imply that its value is bound to collapse. Even so, fans of Twilight, Esme Cullen and Elizabeth Reaser are likely to enjoy this collector's card and want it for their collection.

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