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Dog Waffles?! Mitzie Was Initially Lukewarm To The Roofle Dog Treat, But She Went For It!

The Good: Nothing bad in it, Hard, so it promotes dental hygiene, Dog did enjoy it.
The Bad: Sweet, so it can't be great for dog's teeth, Dog had to warm up to it.
The Basics: A very average dog treat, this seems to intrigue owners more than dogs, as it is a little rawhide waffle our Mitzie took some time to warm up to.

One of the strengths of reviewing pet products is also one of its weaknesses; personal experience is not a guarantee of the experience every user will have with a product. I preface my review of Roofle Dog Treats with this notation because my wife, who works at a pet store now, tells me every dog in the kennels there goes wild for these treats. I, however, am limited to the experience our dog, Mitzie, had with the Roofle and that was nowhere near as boisterous.

Instead, one night after a particularly rough day at work - my partner had the security gate dropped on her by a fellow coworker - my wife returned home bruised and with a huge bag of dog and cat treats. Distraught over unintentionally assaulting my wife, her coworker bought our animals some treats and for Mitzie, there was a Roofle Dog Treat. My wife was astonished when Mitzie, our sixteen and three-quarter year-old cocker spaniel, did not leap on this culinary opportunity.

The Roofle is a two and a half inch in diameter rawhide waffle made for dogs. And yes, there is syrup. In each of the compartments for the waffle, there is a near-solid syrup that fills each cranny and makes this dog treat look like the ideal waffle. This looks and smells exactly like a little waffle, which is why we figured Mitzie would love it; she loves waffles and she enjoys rawhide treats. This seemed to be the best of both worlds.

Mitzie, however, let it sit. She found it on her bed and pushed it away. The next day, my wife came home with a bag of pig's ears and Mitzie saw the bag, began licking the Roofle and spent the rest of the night devouring the treat. It seems once she gave it a fair taste, she loved it, but by the smell and a little nibble to the corner was not enough to sell her on it. As a result, our experience has been that Roofles will sit for a day or two (in summer in the sun, this is agonizing as the scent of maple syrup wafts up and distracts me as I write reviews!) before Mitzie deigns to eat it. However, once she gets started on the Roofle, she is relentless and will devour it!

Roofles are available inexpensively enough at about $1.00/ea. at pet stores everywhere. This simple treat is hard and as a result promotes dental health in dogs. However, given how the second ingredient is corn syrup and another high ingredient is sugar, it is hard to imagine this is great for the dental health of animals. The Roofle is intended to be a treat, a food supplement, not a food product that dogs will live on. But as a dessert product for dogs, it is not terrible. It provides 45% of a dog's crude protein for the day as well as about 4% fiber. The Roofle is made up of at least two percent fat and no more than 24% moisture, but it does seem to keep remarkably well. The Roofle we picked up last week has an expiration date of July third, 2021! So, these individually-wrapped treats seem to last quite well and can be stocked up on nicely.

There is no guide on this treat for what size dog it is intended for, but it seems to be appropriate for young dogs (not puppies, given the crude fat and protein counts) through old dogs who still have teeth intact.

As for our Mitzie, we're not stocking up because she seems to like other treats, like pig's ears, more than these. But as a once-in-a-while thing, they are easy to recommend.

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