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Very Cool, Very Specific, The Deluxe Snowtrooper With E-Web Repeating Blaster Rocks!

The Good: Cool accessory, Decent figure coloring, Great idea, Relatively inexpensive
The Bad: Figure does not stand on its own, Accessory coloring.
The Basics: The Deluxe Snowtrooper is a good figure paired with a wonderful accessory, making it a must buy for fans of Star Wars toys.

When it comes to Imperial toys in the Star Wars universe, there are several types of figures one can never have too many of. Chief among those would have to be Stormtroopers, the white-armored soldiers of the Empire. As a reasonable variant on those, there were the Snowtroopers. And with the Snowtroopers, there were variants like the Deluxe Snowtrooper with E-Web Repeating Blaster. This is the version of the Snowtrooper that comes with the cannon that Snowtroopers were seen building to shoot at the Millennium Falcon on Hoth. It is definitely a toy one is buying primarily for the accessory.

For those unfamiliar with the Snowtrooper, these were the armored soldiers of the Empire seen on the ice planet of Hoth at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back (click here for my review!). They look surprisingly like Klansmen with their domed helmets and skirt-like cape.

The 4" Deluxe Snowtrooper figure is a pretty impressive action figure, even by today's standards. Despite the fact that this figure was redone in a less expensive and more articulated casting, there is no good reason not to have an extra Snowtrooper with E-Web Repeating Blaster figure for play!


The Snowtrooper is a good support figure for anyone's Star Wars action figure collection as it is a generic Imperial toy. While there have been a slew of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and even Chewbacca figures, it is hard to play with more than one at a time without some serious suspension of disbelief. The figure stands 3 3/4" tall to the top of his helmet. This is a decent replica of the Snowtrooper and it is detailed colored lights for the controls on the front of the armor as well as things like straps on the boots. Rather coolly, this deluxe Stormtrooper has dirt and snow beads painted onto the armor, so this is not a clean Snowtrooper and play enthusiasts are likely to enjoy the realism of the figure.

This toy is an awesome sculpt, looking precisely like the Imperial Snowtrooper. The Snowtrooper is exceptional in its coloring detail, including the fact that it is bent at the knees and has a grip designed to hold onto the E-Web Repeating Blaster with two hands.

The Snowtrooper is detailed fairly well in the molded details, as well as the coloring details. This sculpt includes a removable backpack and a very stiff descending cape.


The Deluxe Snowtrooper is mostly bought for its cool accessory, the E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster. The 5" long cannon has three removable legs which make for a weapon with a 5" in diameter footprint. The gun includes an 8" tube which connect the gun to the power source, a box which is three inches wide with handles which may be held by other figures. The Snowtroopers hands are molded to grab both handles on the cannon and when it stands behind the cannon it looks great and seems like it is ready to take aim.

While the cannon is amazingly detailed for the molded details, it is monotonally colored in all black plastic, so it is not as impressive as the actual figure is in that regard.


The four inch toy line was designed for play and Snowtrooper is good in that regard. The figure is mildly articulated, but it has poor balance because of the bent knees of the figure. When detached from the gun, it tips over very easily. This Snowtrooper has only five points of articulation, with swivel joints at the groin socket, shoulders and waist.

What increases the figure's playability, though, is the launching missile. The Deluxe Snowtrooper has a 3 5/8" missile which is pressed into the cannon and is launched by the touch of a button. The missile launches about 6' away and even after a decade of play this still works well!


The Snowtrooper is part of the Power Of The Force Deluxe four-inch series, a series of Star Wars action figures that was exceptionally common. This was a pegwarmer at the time, but only because it was massively overproduced. Now, they have appreciated some, but most will find this is not a great investment figure at all as it was severely overproduced. Even so, as people wear out the springs on theirs, odds are they will pick up replacements of this cool figure.


The Deluxe Snowtrooper may tip over on its own, but it is still an impressive figure with a great accessory, making it a worthwhile toy to pick up.

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