Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Redbarn's Cheese N Bacon Filled Bones: Mitzie Doesn't Care, So I Don't Either!

The Good: Nothing bad in them, Will help dog’s dental health if they actually chew them.
The Bad: My dog just licks out the filling and doesn’t eat the bone, Expensive
The Basics: A mediocre treat, the Redbarn Cheese N Bacon flavor filled small bone treat is eaten by our old dog without enthusiasm.

Sometimes, there is a simple product which may actually be reviewed in a simple blurb. That’s where I am with the Redbarn Cheese N Bacon filled bone dog treats. After my mediocre experience with the Peanut Butter Filled Bones, I was not excited about giving Mitzie (our geriatric cocker spaniel) the Cheese N Bacon ones, but when my wife picked them up, I had nothing to lose by watching the results.

The Redbarn Cheese N Bacon Flavor small filled bone is exactly what it sounds like; it is a filled cattle bone with a paste that appears vaguely cheesy in the place of the bone’s marrow. The small are 2” – 3” in length (ours was 2 3/4” long, making it appropriate for our 20 pound cocker spaniel). The 1 ½” wide and ¾” tall bone is a cattle bone which has been dried, processed, filled with a cheese paste and then shrinkwrapped as a treat for dogs. This size treat is designed for smaller dogs, with larger bones (identical filling) being offered for bigger dogs.

When given to our dog, Mitzie began licking out the center of the treat without actually eating the bone. The thing is, the nutritional value of the Redbarn Cheese N Bacon filled bone is negligible, so the real value comes in keeping the jaws and teeth of dogs healthy and strong. This only happens when a dog gnaws at the bone, which scrapes plaque and tartar off teeth. Unfortunately, dogs who are intimidated by hard treats, like actual bones, are unlikely to do that. Instead, they will do what Mitzie did; treat this like a glorified Kong toy and lick out the cheese center.

That said, Redbarn Cheese N Bacon flavor filled small bones could be worse. Mitzie did seem to like the cheese filling , though she did like the peanut butter one more. As well, as soon as Mitzie has the filling out of the bone, she exhibited absolutely no interest in the remaining bone. Bigger dogs might actually enjoy the barren bone, but not our dog.

The Redbarn small filled Cheese N Bacon flavored treat is not bad for dogs, but it barely smells like either cheese or bacon. Apparently, our old dog cannot tell the difference and she goes for the bone when she gets hungry. It has a minimum of 7% crude protein and 5% crude fat and no more than 4% crude fiber and 35% moisture. It is intended as a treat and the package advises consumers to have adequate water available for dogs that use this treat. Mitzie, who does not usually seem to need a lot of water with her treats, did go right for her water each time she had this treat.

Our pet store had these at a pricey $4.99 and that was way too much for a treat our dog is so neutral to.

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