Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Very Average Pet Care Product: Millers Forge Large Slicker Brush For Dogs Is Adequate.

The Good: Durable, Generally works
The Bad: Does not do as much for straightening/cleaning out dog’s fur as I would like
The Basics: A useful, but not indispensable, product, the Miller’s Forge Slicker Brush for dogs works well, in a limited capacity.

Having used Millers Forge products almost exclusively as a pet owner and a worker at the small pet shop my partner and I used to work at, I have seen a number of their products in use. They have a reputation for durability and quality.

That reputation continues to be a founded one with the Millers Forge Slicker Brush. We recently purchased the large slicker brush for use on our geriatric cocker spaniel, Mitzie and I have been using it on her for the last three weeks. The Millers Forge Slicker Brush is a quality tool, but it is one whose function is somewhat limited by its design.

The Millers Forge Large Slicker Brush is a black plastic and metal slicker which is basically like a hairbrush for dogs. But on the head of the brush, there are rows and rows of bent metal tines made of steel instead of the stiff bristles of a brush. These tines are best likened to staples which have been unbent and are sticking out of the head. The head on the large slicker brush is approximately three inches wide by two inches tall. The tines are a half inch tall and extend perpendicular from the head, like a normal brush. The head is attached to a four inch plastic handle.

The handle is molded to the head and as a result, my experiences have been that the brush is unbreakable, at least when brushing through a dog’s fur. If one were to use this in a way that would fracture the handle from the head, one assumes the animal it was being used on would be hurt in an audible way. To date, this has been durable and none of the tines have broken off the head either!

Use of the slicker brush is easy. When your pet is calm and stable – laying down often works better than having the dog stand – simply grab the handle of the brush, gently press the head to the animal’s fur and pull downward. The slicker brush is designed to straighten dog’s hair leave them looking groomed and more presentable. It also helps pull out fur that is no longer attached to the dog and my experience has been that it is better at the latter than the former. After going over Mitzie with the brush, she only looks mildly more presentable, though the head often is filled with fur (which may then be removed by the user by simply pulling the clump out from between the tines).

Mitzie only stays presentable until the first time she rolls around after using this, so it is not the best grooming tool on its own for a cocker spaniel, but it does keep her fur clean and free of mats, as well as offering decent bonding time between us.

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