Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pro-Pet Skunk & Tough Odor Remover: A Product That Really Works!

The Good: Relatively inexpensive, Easy-to-use, Absolutely works
The Bad: None!
The Basics: Anyone who has skunks nearby will find Pro-Pet Skunk & Tough Odor Remover to be a lifesaving (or nostril-saving) product for when skunks spray animals or fabrics!

Last winter, I was shoveling outdoors with my old cocker spaniel, Mitzie wandering the yard as is (or rather, was) want. As I began to walk back to the house, I smelled a skunk, which my partner had warned me Mitzie loved. Mitzie, who is deaf, no doubt did not hear my "Oh no, oh no, oh no" as I ran to the back deck. There, I found Mitzie standing by the back door, foaming at the nose, trying desperately to expunge the scent of skunk musk from her nose. So, I locked her inside in the bathroom with the linoleum floor (otherwise, she's rub her head on the rugs) and went to get something to remove the skunk smell from her.

My wife and I went out and we found a bottle of Pro-Pet Skunk & Tough Odor Remover, which we were hoping would be a miracle solution to our problems. In addition to cleaning Mitzie up, I had to get the scent off my gloves, which I had used to wipe poor Mitzie's drool off. The 32 oz. plastic bottle has a squirt bottle flip-top lid, which makes dispensing the Skunk & Tough Odor Remover very easy.

Pro-Pet's Skunk & Tough Odor Remover is a clear liquid which is very watery, like a traditional cleaner that might come in a spray bottle. Because of this, I was initially wary about how effective it could be. My fears were rather quickly put to rest.

Mitzie was doused in Skunk & Tough Odor Remover and our dog (approximately three feet long and one foot wide) required only about a third of the bottle to cover her fur. Pro-Pet Skunk & Tough Odor Remover may be applied safely directly to the animal's fur, being careful not to get the liquid into the animal's eyes. For around the eyes and mouth, we applied the Skunk & Tough Odor Remover to a washcloth before applying it to Mitzie's fur. After five minutes, the odor of Skunk was gone completely from everywhere but in poor Mitzie's nostrils (a cotton swabbing of her nose helped with that). Mitzie remained calm throughout the entire cleaning process.

The Pro-Pet Skunk & Tough Odor Remover washes out easily and does not lather up like most cleaners or shampoos, but it does completely eliminate the smell of skunk musk on anything that it gets on. I soaked my gloves in water and the Odor Remover for five minutes and they came out smelling wonderful (honestly, they smelled better after I ran them through the laundry after that, but the smell was cut and once the contaminated water was rinsed out, the gloves smelled great again). Pro-Pet Skunk & Tough Odor Remover did that without bleaching the fabric at all.

This was an exceptionally easy-to-use product that did exactly what it promised affordably and with no unforeseen complications.

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