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The Novelty Wears Off Quickly With Pleasures Cheesecake Flavored Edible Warming Massage Oil.

The Good: Good taste, Interesting warming function, Latex friendly
The Bad: Does not truly taste like cheesecake, Not a great lubricant, Messy
The Basics: Entertaining for a little bit of variety, the Pleasures Cheesecake edible warming oil only seldom tastes like cheesecake and is less fun than fussy.

As a newlywed, my new wife and I enjoyed the eager exploration stage of our relationship (very short courting between us!). She is a bit more experimental than I am and as a result, when we were in Michigan last year, she thought it might be fun to go pick up some supplies to keep our lovemaking spicy, interesting and growing. Ahh . . . exploration. The first product we picked up was a simple warming massage oil from Pleasures flavored like cheesecake.

The flavor was my wife's idea; she knows I love cheesecake and the interesting thing I noticed right away was that the little bottle is strangely ambiguous as to its intended uses. The official product listing has it classified as a "edible warming massage oil," but on the little bottle, it is defined as "A (sic) Aphrodisiac Edible Warming Oil." Nowhere on it does it mention massaging, but for the purposes of the review, I did massage some into my wife (she's still smiling) and after about a dozen uses, we have a pretty good idea of how this product works and when we are most likely to use it.


Pleasures Edible Warming Oil is, despite the name, water soluble and it comes in a 1 oz. container. The little bottle is discrete - about an inch square at its base and under twice that tall. The clear bottle reveals the actual oil, which is a yellow-gold liquid about the same color and consistency as movie theater popcorn butter. The top is a black plastic ball which screws on and off easily enough. We paid $2.99 for the bottle at a specialty shop (wink, wink) and there is a safety seal on the product so it is easy enough to figure out if one has gotten an unopened bottle of the product.

Ease Of Use

Pleasures Cheesecake flavor edible warming oil is easy to use; either apply it directly to the hands or the area one wants it massaged into. The bottle is rather imprecise to use; there is no dropper or even smaller hole to regulate the fluid. Instead, the opening is like the top to a hotel shampoo bottle; wide open and designed for easy removal of the product. I've found that much enjoyment can be gained by drizzling the edible massage oil over sensitive areas, both erogenous and non.

Pleasures edible warming oil is a very watery fluid, with almost no leg in the bottle. As a result, it comes easily when one simply tips the bottle to remove the product from the container. It may be massaged into skin easily and does leave a slightly oily residue. However, it is easy to clean up either by licking off one's partner or washing off with a washcloth. Interestingly three laps of a determined tongue will get this off the skin such that it is neither sticky, nor requires additional washing (though I always recommend that anyway).

Here, though comes the problem with the product. Using the Pleasures Edible Warming oil commits the user to the product as opposed to one's partner. While the oil can get one into the mood very easily, it requires one to clean up either before progressing to the next stage of intimacy or a lot more afterward. Honestly, we used this more as a foreplay enhancement and as that, it was fun, but we did not excessively massage with it. As well, we both found it necessary to either wash off or spend more time with licking the product off than with enjoying the actual experience of it. Otherwise, this is quite sticky, despite what the bottle suggests. So, while there are some places that one is not likely to ever (in their lives!) get tired of licking or being licked, places where it can be fun to lick like the inside of the elbow or the back of the knee where this can be fun to lick off, the actual benefit of exciting a partner is usually achieved long before the product there is spent.

As the package notes proudly, this is latex friendly, which means it is intended to be used as an enhancement or lube on latex prophylactics or toys. As we do not require condoms, we cannot speak to its effectiveness on latex condoms and to whether or not use there might denature the Latex from the heating function. However, on latex sleeves, it works all right as a lubricant without any difficulty in cleaning or denaturing the latex. The oil, though, is not a great lube either for latex to skin or skin to skin contact as it wears off or is worked in remarkably quickly. This is not like something like K-Y where the purpose is intended primarily as a lubricant.

Taste/Special Function

Here, too, Pleasures Cheesecake edible warming oil is somewhat problematic. Going on, it is generically sweet, though is smells deliciously of cheesecake. Spread on clean skin, there is a window of time where it tastes perfectly like a rich, creamy cheesecake. That precise flavor, though, lasts only a lick or two and it fades ridiculously quickly as well. Far more often, this was enjoyable for the idea more than the execution on the taste front.

This edible oil has a special function which is delightful for both women and men. Applied to the skin - any skin! - it may be breathed upon and it heats up. Simply blowing on the product causes it to heat across an entire surface that has the product on it. This is interesting and titillating and causes definitive physical reaction with every major erogenous zone. Those looking for something different that will spice up things in a different way will enjoy this function of the oil.


The bottle of Cheesecake flavored edible oil is fairly durable and one imagines if it is kept closed, the product will remain fresh indefinitely. However, given that the primary ingredient it glycerin, if it is left open and the water evaporates, one assumes this will crystallize and probably be unusable. Given that we've used it about ten times now and there is still 3/4 of a bottle remaining, this will likely last a happily involved couple quite some time.

As for cleanup, skin or non-permeable surfaces may simply be wiped off with a damp cloth. If the product spills, only clothes are likely to have problems with it and one suspects this would wash right out if it is caught right away.


This was a mildly enjoyable change of pace for an eagerly engaged couple, but because the taste was not all that cheesecake like and it became stickier as opposed to being a consistent lubricant, I found the novelty wore off quickly. My wife appears to have enjoyed it more, but then . . . she benefited more from my vigilance with the clean up! That said, I suspect there are products that are more multipurpose than this one that will leave both partners satisfied in a greater variety of ways.

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