Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November Time!!!!

Hello All!

Thank you loyal readers! As my blog enters its third month, I wanted to thank you for reading my blog, W.L. Swarts Reviews The Universe. November is upon us and I wanted to thank you for reading the blog.

I also wanted to drop a note to any and all of you to ask you to consider the following:

1. SHARE THE BLOG! Please feel free to share the blog. The preferred way to do this, however, is to copy the URL from up top and e-mail whomever you want to share the blog with the URL. So, for example, if you truly loved the last review I wrote, you might send an e-mail to a friend that said something like: "Hey buddy! I just read this great review of "The Forgotten Arm!" I think you'd like it, too. Check it out at: Yours, Me!" Why this way? One, it insures that my blog stats are realistic and that I'm recording the full amount of traffic I am actually getting. Also, you know that little line at the end of each blog that says "May not be reprinted without permission?" When you cut and paste the content of my blog into an e-mail like that, you are stealing my intellectual property and reprinting my work without my permission. Please don't do that! Thank you for your respect and again, please DO share the blog . . . the right way.

2. Feel free to buy through the blog links! I realized with my general posts, I've never actually noted that the links I put with each and every review are actual sales links through, a reputable website that seems to have virtually everything in the universe. Clicking on and buying through the links I have with my reviews helps support the blog and keeps me reviewing. So, if there's a review you like and the price is right, please buy online! And if I've reviewed something harshly and you believe it cannot be as bad as I've made it sound, feel free to buy those products, too! Either way, I appreciate any and all sales that come through my blog. If there's something you'd like to see linked or reviewed, just let me know! I like the four space link system and I'm happy to put up products for my readers!

Finally, thank you again for reading my blog. This month, I hope very much to get a thousand total reviews into the blog (which means about doubling the current content!) and I'm hoping to at least double the number of followers and sales through my links. But thank YOU for reading and if you haven't yet checked out the index pages, please feel free to as they offer the best way to find and sort my massive library of reviews!

Thanks again,
W.L. Swarts

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