Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It’s Algae Paste And Terrible For Cleaning Teeth! Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste.

The Good: Makes teeth (literally) squeaky clean, Good ingredients.
The Bad: Expensive, Tastes terrible, Does not freshen breath or leave mouth feeling clean.
The Basics: Trendy and overpriced, Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste is not worth buying for anyone who wants their mouth to actually feel and taste clean.

In my quest to try new things and review all sorts of items, my wife is probably the very best person I know for exposing me to new things that I otherwise would never think to look at. She knows a lot of the trendy hair and skin companies and she has a knack for picking brands that are on the rise in popularity. However, even if something is a winner commercially does not mean it is truly a good or worthwhile product. That is, alas, where I fall for my very first review of a “Kiss My Face” product, in this case the Triple Action Toothpaste.

I do not have a form for my health and beauty reviews, in fact, as far as toothpastes go, I had only reviewed Crest Cool Mint Gel before we encountered the Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste. We picked this toothpaste up solely because my partner thought I should learn about Kiss My Face brand by trying and reviewing some of their products. Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste is a green gel that comes in a white tube. The size we bought was the 3.4 oz tube. Like most Toothpastes, it comes in a tube with a screw-top lid and one needs to squeeze the product out onto a toothbrush in order to use it.

The first distinguishing aspect of Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste is that it is a translucent green color which is darker green than most toothpastes. It spreads easily onto the toothbrush with a thick consistency, like that of Neosporin or other good gel toothpastes. My first experience with Triple Action Toothpaste was somewhat frightening, though. As I rose it to my mouth, I smelled the distinct odor of pickles. Yes, pickles. That is what this toothpaste smells like.

This leads me to the lone good thing about this toothpaste. Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste prides itself – rightfully – on using all-natural ingredients. This toothpaste contains such things as aloe vera, peppermint and horse chestnut. The aloe vera clearly overpowers anything that is unnatural in this toothpaste as it is the dominant smell and then taste one gets when trying this. However, after trying the Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste for three weeks, I’ve decided maybe there is a real good reason for toothpastes being animal tested or using harsh chemicals. The Triple Action Toothpaste tastes foul and does not seem to be at all effective, which makes me think the harsh chemicals in other toothpastes are actually doing something the all-natural ingredients in this are not!

The taste is pickles and algae. Triple Action Toothpaste tastes like one is brushing their teeth with something that might have once lived on the bottom of the ocean. As far as usage goes, it does not lather up to spread across teeth and it does not foam up to make the mouth of the user feel any fresher or cleaner than before they started brushing their teeth. In fact, I felt better brushing my teeth without any toothpaste than I did after using the Triple Action Toothpaste. The reason for that is simple: my mouth tasted better that way (I was getting stuff out of my mouth and off my teeth) and I knew I was getting things off my teeth, not putting something equally disgusting as food particles on them.

So this toothpaste does not make one’s mouth feel fresh. Moreover, because it smells and tastes like pickles, it is not exactly freshening the breath, at least for those who did not have something in their mouth that smelled as bad as pickles to begin with. Checking out my teeth, after using the Triple Action Toothpaste for three weeks, I found no noticeable difference between the teeth health before and after compared to other toothpastes. After a week of use, however, I could not stand the pickle and algae flavor in my mouth and I constantly rinsed with mouthwash after using this product.

As for the claims to whiten, in three weeks, this toothpaste did not noticeably whiten my teeth. I know there are other whitening toothpastes that DO work, so I am not inclined to continue using this one. Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste might fight cavities, but the other two aspects it promises to help with – freshening breath and whiting teeth – it is either an utter failure at or is not a noticeable success. This makes it easy to pass by in my book.


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