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No Harm In Going Generic On This One! OrionGadgets IPad Sync Cable!

The Good: Less expensive than an Apple one to replace, Works perfectly
The Bad: None (that I can find!)
The Basics: An inexpensive replacement for the connector to an iPad, the OrionGadgets cable does the trick!

It seems like no matter what new electronic gadget I get, my rabbit, Rowe, quickly became interested in it. This is the way it was for me with the new iPad (click here for my review!) we brought home. In fact, Rowe quickly showed her interest in the iPad by chewing through the cable needed to connect the iPad to the computers we have at home. That just makes me miss her more now. So, when she ate through the first one, I set out to find a new connector and that is when I encountered the OrionGadgets Synch Cable. While Apple charges in the $10 - $15 range for one of these custom cables, the OrionGadgets version may be found in the $5.00 range. Foregoing the brand name can turn a necessary but overly expensive product into a perfect product.

What makes the OrionGadgets Synch Cable perfect? Quite simply it works and it is not overpriced. For those unfamiliar with it, the iPad has a unique port on it. That port is the point of entry for energy when recharging and information when swapping around files using iTunes. In order to get the iPad to work properly, it must periodically be connected to a computer and/or a charger. For that, one needs the cable which connects to the unique port on the iPad and then also connects to a USB port. The OrionGadgets Synch Cable does that, at a third of the price of the brand name one. The synch cable is a specific tool used to connect the iPad to the computer.

The iPad has a very thin port at the bottom of the tablet PC. This port is a 1 1/2" long slot that is essentially configured like a USB port, save that it is wider. This port is unique to the iPad and this port is what allows the iPad to connect to docks and to one's Apple or PC. The method of connecting the unique port to the Universal port (USB port) is through the synch cable. The iPad has the female end, the port, the (in this case) OrionGadgets Synch Cable has the male end, which fits into the female end.

The synch cable is a simple piece of equipment. It has the male unique port for iPods on one end, a three foot plastic-coated cable, and a USB male end on the opposite end. The USB end fits every female USB port on the planet, from laptops to PCs. The OrionGadgets Synch Cable provides power to the iPad to recharge because the USB port, when connected to the iPad through this Synch Cable, transfers electricity. As well, the Synch Cable transfers information. This vital little cord is what moves the information from one's computer and iTunes account to the iPad. Without it, one needs a different recharging port to repower the battery within the iPad. As well, they must rely on the wireless connection on the iPad to transfer information to the it, after the initial setup is complete.

As a result, the OrionGadgets Synch Cable is a vital piece of equipment, but it is a specialized cord. The male end has little clips that inform one of its successful insertion into the iPad by a little "click" noise that indicates it is properly attached. Those clips seem not to wear out or rust and because it is made of metal, it will not wear out when one simply pulls it out of the iPad when they are ready to be mobile again.

Despite being fragile to rabbit teeth, the OrionGadgets Synch Cable is necessary enough that at this price it is a perfect replacement should anything happen to the cord that comes with the iPad!

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