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The Available Man Gets His Card With The Twilight PW7 Jacob Black Pieceworks Card!

The Good: Good image, Necessary for collectors, Quite rare, Collectible value
The Bad: Expensive!
The Basics: A very neat trading card, the PW-7 Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black costume card is very difficult to find and expensive when one can find it!

As I filter through the binder that stores my collection of Twilight trading cards (click here for my review!), I have to be honest with myself. While I, as a cinephile and collector of trading cards am most jazzed that I have the full collection and think the valuable Pieceworks cards of the female characters are really something, it is hard to not admit that that is not the case for most collectors of the Twilight trading cards. No, most of them fall into a very different demographic from me and as a result, it is often the PW7 Jacob Black Pieceworks card that outstrips the value of even the Bella Swan Pieceworks card. For those on “Team Jacob,” this is the grail card, but the fact that it is sometimes able to be found on the secondary market while the Edward Cullen Pieceworks cards have all but disappeared says something a bit more telling. Still, there are enough Team Jacob collectors who have helped the Taylor Lautner Pieceworks card explode in value to the point where only serious collectors may afford to buy it!

When the film Twilight (click here for my review!) was released, Inkworks won the license and began producing exceptionally limited trading cards. With their Twilight trading card series, one of the highly-sought-after bonus cards were the Pieceworks cards and as one of the two big love interests for the film saga’s protagonist, the Jacob Black Pieceworks card has skyrocketed in value.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, the Pieceworks cards are costume cards and the PW-7 Jacob Black card is no exception. What this means is that the physical card is a little more than twice as thick as the standard trading cards. Inkworks took a set-worn costume, in this case Taylor Lautner’s bluejeans, chopped it up and embedded it in between the two card halves. This means that Taylor Lautner’s original pants from Twilight no longer exists, save in the pieces in cards. This is the closest most people will get to an actual set-worn costume from Twilight and given that Jacob Black is a popular character, it is an exceptional card.

The PW7 Jacob Black Piecework card features a nice shot of Taylor Lautner in his bluejeans from the scene in Twilight where Bella Swan is reunited with her childhood friend. On the left side of the card is the cutout window which features the cloth piece from the costume embedded in it! All versions of this card that I have found have had a plain blue denim swatch.

The back of the card assures the recipient of the authenticity of the Pieceworks card. It states that the PW7 features a piece of Taylor Lautner’s Jacob Black bluejeans costume and that is pretty much the standard for a costume card of this style.

The value of the card makes it a great investment for those lucky enough to pull one from a pack of Twilight cards. Considering the PW-7 is one of the more rare Twilight Pieceworks cards, the fact that its value has become near-impossible to find at reasonable prices is not a surprise at all. For those lucky enough to pull one in a pack of the hard-to-find trading cards, they are lucky. Most will have to buy it and it is priced prohibitively high for any but the most serious collectors. Given that Pieceworks cards are found only one per box in the Twilight cards, most will pay ridiculous prices for this.

Given, however, that this is the closest most fans are likely to get to Taylor Lautner now that he is no longer on the convention circuit, one suspects there are plenty of fans who will pay the outrageous prices this card is found at . . . when it can be found!

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