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A Toy Of Two Bounty Hunters: Jango Fett Offers Multiple Looks As A Perfect Figure!

The Good: Awesome accessories, Great sculpt, Decent options
The Bad: None that I can find!
The Basics: A great bounty hubnter toy surprisingly available still in the secondary market, Jango Fett offers great options most 12" dolls in the line do not!

Fans of the Star Wars bounty hunters were awfully happy when the second Star Wars prequel film was released. After all, for all of its faults and problems, the movie had two bounty hunters and while Star Wars Episode 2 - Attack Of The Clones (reviewed here!) might have stunk in other ways, the bounty hunters were pretty badass. The first of the bounty hunters was Zam Wessel (reviewed here!). The other, more prominent bounty hunter was Jango Fett, the father of the notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett!

Jango Fett is the bounty hunter who was working for Darth Tyrannus on Kamino, the one cloned who became the prototype for the Clone Troopers. He had shiny silver Mandalorian armor and a cocky attitude. Yeah, he was cool and he was the most active bounty hunter shown in the Star Wars saga, even more (sad to say) than his son Boba. As a result, he makes for a pretty obvious 12" doll choice. But what is so impressive is just how cool of a 12" figure Hasbro chose to make of this bounty hunter!


Jango Fett is a human bounty hunter who appears throughout Attack Of The Clones. The figure stands 11 1/2" tall, naturally or twelve inches tall to the top of his helmet antennae and backpack missile when either of those are on. Jango Fett is a man with a buzz-cut haircut, angry glare and scar over one of his eyes. This figure is possibly the 12" doll with the greatest number of options available to the collector as he comes dressed only in his Velcro-laden jumpsuit. Collectors then get to decide exactly which type and level of armament and armor Jango Fett is outfitted with!

The figure is made of hard plastic and after four or more years out of its packaging, it shows no fading or wear from light or air sources. Fett is adorned in blue jumpsuit made of cloth. Fett's head is made of a more rubbery plastic and has pretty amazing detailing as far as coloring (he has stubble colored onto his cheeks and chin!) and sculpting goes. With his helmet on, Fett is utterly inscrutable and looks like the best-armored soldier/bounty hunter in the galaxy!

This toy is an amazing sculpt, with each and every armor panel replicated with painstaking detail and coloring. Instead of being perfectly shiny, the armor has a light dusting of specks to make it look like it has been worn, just like it did in the film! Jango Fett is amazing in his coloring detail, including his stern-looking eyes.


Jango Fett, amazingly prepared bounty hunter that he is, comes dressed in a flight jumpsuit made of actual cloth. I've never tried to undress him, but it does appear the costume is designed to be removed. Moreover, the costume comes disassembled so one can keep Jango casual or armor him up. His armor consists of six leg armor pieces a belt with pistol holsters, and a breastplate. As well, there is the famed helmet that we assume Boba Fett would later inherit. The helmet's antenna scope folds down to position over the helmet's eye as necessary for (we assume) targeting.

The detailing on the costume is actually fairly impressive and the figure looks pretty good in that regard. This is because his outfit is accented with plastic accents like a chest piece that has some pretty extraordinary detailing to it. Jango's armor is easily attached using the Velcro patches that are on the fabric and on the armor pieces. This keeps them from falling off and I have never witnessed them loosening over the years!

The first "accessory" then are actually Jango's hands. Jango's hands pop off and there are two sets of hands for either side. This allows Jango to have bracers with the knifelike ridges that slowed him down when falling from the Kamino landing platform in the movie or dart gun bracers that look less impressive but one supposes are more dangerous when playing.

Jango Fett's handguns are little two and three quarter inch silver blasters which fits perfectly in either hand of the figure or the holsters. The guns are wonderfully detailed in shiny silver plastic and while they look like brilliant new guns, they look more or less accurate, adding to the authenticity of the figure!

Fett's helmet comes off, making that an accessory, too. The helmet is detailed with the antenna scoping assembly Fett is seen with in the movie, and it does fold down to be a practical accessory.

The other accessory are Jango's backpacks. This figure comes with two. Essentially, there is the bright silver brand new jetpack or the more worn jetpack with the missile spire behind it. The missile actually launches from a slyly concealed detail on the backpack; one of two identical spikes near the top! The backpacks slide onto the armor easily and lend the figure a quality that is very realistic and detailed.


I don't know who plays with these twelve-inch figures. As far as displaying, though, there is a lot to recommend Jango Fett. First, he is an incredibly articulated action figure. Jango Fett is very posable, with twelve points of articulation. This bounty hunter has joints at the knees, groin socket, wrists, elbows, shoulders, waist and neck. The neck is a ball and socket, allowing him side to side and up and down head motion. The shoulder joints and groin are both ball and socket joints, so the hunter's arms and legs move realistically! As well, the joints are all hidden beneath the fabric costume allowing for decent range-of-motion without looking doofy from inconsistencies in any aspect of his costume.

Jango Fett has minor balancing issues stemming from the fact that the boots are removable like everything else. This allows a minor amount of play within his boots and it can take a little bit to get him standing up and stay standing in the desired and balanced pose. Yes, if anything, this Jango Fett is almost too posable!


Jango Fett is part of the Attack Of The Clones twelve-inch series, a series of Star Wars action figures that were released during a time that they were being over produced. Jango Fett was incredibly common, which tended to devalue the figure quite a bit (though most of the Star Wars figures have taken a hit from overproduction and the sheer number of them that have not been taken out of their packaging on the hopes that someday they might be an investment that pays dividends).

Jango Fett, specifically, was one of the Star Wars figures in the 12" line to hit the clearance bins, largely because he seemed too "doll-like" for many collectors who were in denial about their 12" action figure collection. This is one of the easier 12" figures to find in the secondary market as a result and it is only truly worth something to people who have a fetish for bounty hunters or aliens, it is not going to be a gold mine for anyone's collection.


It is still astonishing to me that Jango Fett wasn't eaten up right away. All of his options easily make him one of the best 12" Star Wars bounty hunter figures made to date!

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