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Average, Thus Expensive, Wise Butter Flavored Popcorn Is A Tough Sell

The Good: Fairly flavorful, Generally decent ingredients.
The Bad: Comparatively expensive, Not the most flavorful, Comparatively short shelf life
The Basics: Wise Butter Flavor Air Popped Popcorn is very average for the style of product, which makes it feel more expensive than extraordinary.

I have been very excited about one of my gifts for the holidays this season; a subscription food box that is giving me the chance to review all sorts of new (to me) foods. One of the new products was a bag of Wise Butter Flavor Air Popped Popcorn. The Wise Butter Flavor Air Popped Popcorn forced me to confront the prejudice I was not conscious I had against such products. Popcorn is a very easy snack to make, so pre-popped popcorn is a tougher sell for me than I realized before tonight. The Wise Butter Flavor Air Popped Popcorn is a bagged, pre-popped popcorn that bears the comparatively expensive price of $3.49 a bag. For the quantity, one could pop their own popcorn . . . a lot more than what comes in this bag!

That said, for those who do not have an air popper or are not a huge fan of microwave popcorn, the Wise Butter Flavor Air Popped Popcorn is a solid alternative.


Butter Flavor Popcorn from Wise, is pre-popped and flavored popcorn. Wise has marketed their popcorn as an alternative to their well-developed potato chip line and I was somewhat surprised that this was the first time I had reviewed a Wise product. The Butter Flavor Popcorn from Wise comes in a 7 oz. bag. Inside the bag, the popcorn is exactly what one might expect of popcorn. It is popped, light and fluffy and saturated with butter flavored salt.

Ease Of Preparation

Wise Butter Flavor Popcorn is simple to enjoy; all one needs to do is open the bag and remove the popcorn from it! There is no trick to eating the Butter Flavor Popcorn; this is a snack that is ready to go from the bag to the mouth.


Wise Butter Flavor Popcorn smells warm and buttery. The scent is strong and very inviting; this is the perfect aromatic embodiment of buttered popcorn. The scent from the Wise Butter Flavor Air Popped Popcorn is distinct and surprisingly true for a product that is not actually coated in real butter.

What is truly surprising is that the flavor of the Wise Butter Flavor Air Popped Popcorn is salty and buttery without leaving the fingers covered in salt or any sort of buttery residue. The Butter Flavor Air Popped Popcorn tastes like movie theater buttered popcorn without the oily residue and with a fresh-popped popcorn texture. Each kernel of Butter Flavor Air Popped Popcorn has a crunch to it that makes it taste and feel like the popcorn just came out of a hot air popper. Flavorwise, though, the Wise Butter Flavor Air Popped Popcorn tastes salty and buttery in a wonderful way.

The Butter Flavor Air Popped Popcorn does not have an aftertaste.


The Butter Flavor Popcorn is a basic popcorn produced with minimal preservatives. Given that the ingredients are mostly popcorn, vegetable oil, and salt, it is hardly as healthy as plain popcorn.

Each three cup (one ounce) serving of Wise Butter Flavor Popcorn has 150 calories, ninety of which come from fat. There are 3 grams of dietary fiber and a single gram of protein. While there are 10 grams of fat and a whopping 280 mg of sodium, which represents 12% of one's RDA of sodium, but that is not entirely surprising. The Wise Butter Flavor Air Popped Popcorn has 30% of one's RDA of Vitamin A. There is a smattering of Iron, but no other significant nutrients. There is a dietary note that the Butter Flavor Popcorn has milk ingredients, which prevents this from being Vegan compliant to die-hard people who make that choice. The Butter Flavor Air Popped Popcorn is Gluten-free and some of the ingredients were produced using genetic engineering.


Kept in the bag, Wise Butter Flavor Popcorn will remain fresh for a short amount of time. Our bag, which arrived just two weeks ago, had a January 27, 2017 expiration date, though it is doubtful it will last around here that long! Because of the comparatively short shelf life of the Wise Butter Flavor Air Popped Popcorn, it is not a good snack to stock up on.

Cleanup is fairly simple. The Butter Flavor Popcorn from Wise is a dry food and thus leaves little mess behind. Unlike real buttered popcorn, this Wise product does not leave any noticeable residue on one's hands. Once one is done consuming the Butter Flavor Air Popped Popcorn, wash your hands, throw out the bag and cleanup is done!


Wise Butter Flavor Popcorn is good,but not truly extraordinary, which makes it a tougher sell than it ought to have been, especially for those of us who love real popcorn.

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