Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan Might Be The Last Litter Pan I'll Ever Buy!

The Good: It fits all three of my cats, Easy to clean, Durable, Affordable, It works the way it promises, Includes the important second pan
The Bad: Does not come with a scoop!
The Basics: As my three cats have started to hydrate better, the Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan has become essential to keeping our home clean!

The general rule for cat ownership is to have as many litterboxes, plus one, as one has cats. Given that my family now includes three cats, it was time for us to get a fourth litterbox and recently we managed to find a Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan at our local discount store. We had been wanting a sifting litter pan to see how well they might work in real-world situations and getting one on the cheap certainly made it irresistible to both my sense of keeping a clean house and my wallet!

The Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan is not the all-in-one solution to litterboxes that I had hoped, for the simple reason that when the litter gets low or a cat uses the litterbox for a particularly wet poop (come on, we're talking about litterboxes, we're going to reference real world cat bathroom issues!), the fecal matter sticks to the sifting grate. As a result, the Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan should have come with a litter scoop, if for no other reason than a tool is needed at times to get poop off the sifting grate easily.

Despite that, the Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan is a near-miss on perfection. The Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan is a four-piece cat litter pan that is designed to make cleaning a litterbox surprisingly easy. Assembling the Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan is intuitive and easy, which is nice. The set includes two litter pans, a sifting pan, and the frame needed to use the sifting pan. Assembling and using the Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan is easier than one might expect. First, snap the sifting pan to the frame; Van Ness made it smart and easy by making them a different color from the actual litter pans. When the frame is connected to the sifting pan, it forms essentially its own little litterbox with a grate for a bottom. Place the newly assembled sifting contraption into the empty litter pan, then fill it with litter. The grate will be on the very bottom of the litterbox, with litter atop it, which will allow for sifting in the cleaning phase. The remaining empty litterbox may be stored underneath the filled litterbox, which is very convenient when it comes to cleaning out one's litterbox. Assembly is fairly easy, which makes the Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan very easy to use.

The Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan is an 15” wide, 19” long, 8” tall litterbox, when it is assembled and the extra box is under the filled litterbox. This discrete litterbox allows it to be used in almost any room, including most bathrooms, which can be convenient for cleaning it up.

As for cleaning out the Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan, the litterbox is fairly easy to use. Slowly pull the sifting assembly up and out of the litterbox. This will allow the clean litter to fall through the grate in the bottom into the litterbox. Clumps of used litter and litter-covered feces remain in the sifting frame. From there, the frame box may either be scooped out or dumped out into a garbage can. To reset the litterbox, take the empty box under the filled litterbox and place the empty frame pan into the empty litterbox. Then, dump the litter from the filled litterbox into the empty litterbox and sifting frame assembly. Any additional waste that somehow made it into the bottom litterbox ought to remain stuck into the bottom of the now-empty box. When that box is cleaned out, simply place it under the now-filled litterbox assembly.

All three of our cats use the Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan on a daily basis, so we have to empty it about every day. Because of the sifting frame, the litterboxes below remain unscratched and unscathed, unlike other litterboxes. The Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan is very easy to use and clean. Our clumping litters seem to work exceptionally well.

Given that our three cats use the Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan so much and it is so durable, it is very easy to recommend the Van Ness Sifting Cat Pan!

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