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If It Weren't For The Expense, AvoDerm Duck Recipe Adult Dog Food Would Be Perfect!

The Good: Myah loves it, Great ingredients, Very nutritious, Smells good!
The Bad: Very expensive!
The Basics: Myah loves AvoDerm Duck Recipe adult dog food . . . my wallet does not!

Every now and then, I manage to get in a product that is absolutely wonderful, but the price makes it exceptionally difficult to recommend to readers. Today, the product that easily fits into that category is the AvoDerm Duck Recipe dog food. My senior Siberian Husky, Myah, is a huge fan of AvoDerm Duck Recipe dog food and when I went to buy it in bulk, I discovered just how oppressively expensive it is. As one who is thrifty, it is tough to recommend to readers . . . except when one absolutely needs to spoil their dog.

AvoDerm Duck Recipe dog food is a food that prides itself on having quality ingredients and providing a wide array of nutritional benefits and Myah loves it in a way that she seldom shows a preference for a dog food.


A daily serving of AvoDerm Duck Recipe dog food is two and a half to three and a half cups for a big dog like Myah, so a twenty-two pound bag should have lasted us a month, but it fell a few days short of that, especially after Myah finished blowing out her coat for the summer and we realized just how thin she had become over the winter. Each piece of AvoDerm Duck Recipe dog food is a brown sphere (slightly flattened) that is very mealy in its texture and quite hard. They are approximately 1/2" in diameter. Myah eats these up to a dozen pieces at a time!

Ease Of Preparation

As a dry dog food, preparation of AvoDerm Duck Recipe dog food is as easy as opening a bag and measuring out the pellets inside. There is no further prep needed.

Myah’s Reaction

Myah absolutely loves this food. The food smells meaty and salty and the moment the bag rustles, Myah hops up for some. Myah is able to smell the AvoDerm Duck Recipe dog food, because when it is poured into her bowl, it sounds like other dog foods, but she rushes right over for it! We tested this by alternating this food with another one and when the AvoDerm was in her bowl, she eagerly went for her bowl, while she was neutral to the other one when it was put in the same bowl at the same time on other days!

The Duck Recipe food left Myah’s breath smelling good, albeit meaty, though she seldom has bad breath when eating traditional dog foods.


AvoDerm Duck Recipe dog food is made primarily of duck, duck meal, and garbanzo beans, only a few of the ingredients are natural before the list turns into a chemistry equation. After “kelp meal,” the Duck Recipe is a virtual vitamin pill. According to the guaranteed analysis, AvoDerm Duck Recipe dog food has at least 25% crude protein, 16% crude fat, but no more than 6% crude fiber and 10% moisture. As a dry dog food, it is highly recommended that you have adequate water available for your dog when serving it AvoDerm Duck Recipe dog food.


AvoDerm Duck Recipe dog food is one that Myah loves, but it is a tough sell given how pricey it is!

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