Saturday, November 21, 2015

Working About Half The Time: Nature's Miracle Scratching Deterrent Spray!

The Good: It doesn't stain, Easy to use, Works some of the time
The Bad: Messy, Does not work consistently.
The Basics: Nature's Miracle Scratching Deterrent Spray is only halfway effective, which helps, but is not the absolute aid one might hope for!

Last year, right around this time, I got a new cat. His name is Elim and he was probably younger than the shelter we got him at thought. Elim is wonderful and loving in so many ways, but he is a little hellion the rest of the time. I had never before had a problem with cats scratching, but Elim broke that streak! We have a chair, a boxspring on our bed, and a patch of rug next to a door that Elim absolutely loves to scratch furniture that we love. To try to stop him, I picked up a bottle of Nature's Miracle Scratching Deterrent Spray.

Nature's Miracle Scratching Deterrent spray is contained in a white bottle with a spray top. The back has very simple directions for how to use it: shake well and apply to anything that you to stop scratching. I was not able to find anything that the Nature's Miracle Scratching Deterrent Spray would stain, so that was nice. After shaking it up, the Catnip Mist is ridiculously easy to apply to anything: simply spray on the surface the cat has been scratching. The fluid is colorless and diffuses fairly fast and wide when it is sprayed.

Elim is the prime aggressor when it comes to scratching and the Nature's Miracle Scratching Deterrent Spray works about half the time with him. There have been times I have sprayed it on the chair he scratches and within ten minutes, he is scratching the exact same spot. That said, because Elim has pretty much destroyed our boxspring liner under the bed, we've taken to locking Elim up at night. The spot on the rug right next to the door that he initially wore away gets sprayed each night and for the past three weeks since we started that, Elim has not noticeably scratched that spot.

Because we have had no issues with Timber, it seems like the real test is on Elim. The Nature's Miracle Scratching Deterrent Spray works half the time, which is more than not using it, but not as much as we would hope for from a spray deterrent. As a result, it is useful, but not an indispensable Scratching Deterrent Spray.

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