Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Timber And Elim Have An Indoor Adventure Thanks To Friskies Chicken Flavored Treats!

The Good: Dental benefits, Elim and Timber enjoy them, Inexpensive
The Bad: Neither cat shows a real preference for these treats
The Basics: Friskies Indoor Adventures Chicken flavor treats help keep my cats' teeth clean without running up my budget, which is nice but unextraordinary.

Timber and Elim have had a pretty busy summer. While I took a little time off of posting reviews, my two cats were very busy with reviewing new (to them) products. One of the advantages of giving them a pretty wide variety of treats is that it makes it very easy to see what treats truly land with them versus the treats they consume without zeal. In the case of Friskies Indoor Adventures Chicken flavor treats, both Elim and Timber eat them, but they do so withouth really charging out of their hiding spots for them.


Friskies Indoor Adventures Chicken flavor cat treats are crunchy little treats that come in a 2.1 oz. bag for only $1.00 at my local grocery store. The Indoor Adventures are all simple clover-shaped treats about 1/2" in diameter that are approximately 3/16” thick. The flower-shaped treats are green and brown, half and half. They are a grainy, hard treat that is very hard, which is excellent for feline dental health.

Ease Of Preparation

The Friskies Indoor Adventures treats are a treat, so preparation is as easy as opening the resealable bag and removing a few of treats. I, occasionally, mix a few of the treats in with Elim and Timber’s food, but otherwise, they get five to ten of these whenever I treat them! Unlike with most treats I give the boys, both cats eat the treats, but neither tries to steal any from the other. I cannot think of another treat the two eagerly consume that they do not try to steal from others.

Timber And Elim’s Reaction

Friskies Indoor Adventures Chicken flavor treats are treats that both cats are conditioned to come running for - given the stiff foil plastic bag in which they come. At times when the cats have exclusively gotten the Chicken flavor Indoor Adventures treats, they come at the sound of the bag less vigorously. Both cats consume these treats when they are set near them, but Timber gave up on a hide and seek game with the treats when I tried that with him. Elim found the batch of treats nearest him, consistently, but he did not go hunting for more. In other words, these treats are not hated by either cat, but they are hardly a beloved treat that either is eager for. But, given that they will consume them when they are given to them, they do exactly what they are supposed to for feline dental health.


The package does not provide a serving recommendation, but I have found Elim will eat about seven treats in a day (he's about eight pounds now). With Timber, I tend to limit him to 10 treats, despite him being more active. I usually go through about one 2.1 oz. bag in just under two weeks, so for the price, this treat is an affordable one. The pouches I bought at the beginning of summer expired this month, but over the three months Elim and Timber tried these treats, the freshness of the treats never seemed to vary.

As well, the Friskies Indoor Adventures Chicken flavor treats seem pretty healthy. With a minimum of 23.0% crude protein and 9% crude fat, but no more than 9% crude fiber and 11% moisture, these treats have a lot of nutritional benefits for Elim and Timber. These treats are made primarily of chicken meal, brewers rice, and animal fat with preservatives! They are hard enough to help clean cat teeth of tartar and plaque, which is nice.


The Friskies Indoor Adventures Chicken flavor cat treats are a good treat, but very average, cat treat that makes for a decent staple treat.

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