Monday, August 3, 2015

Less Intense = Less Effective: Listerine Zero Mouthwash

The Good: Mint flavore freshens breath.
The Bad: Demonstrably ineffective, Comparatively expensive
The Basics: Virtually worthless, Clean Mint Listerine Zero is an expensive, less effective version of Scope.

I am a pretty big fan of Listerine. I'm cheap and I lost my dental insurance, so to keep my mouth clean and fresh, I use mouthwash and Listerine is easily the best. So, when I saw that Listering Zero Clean Mint mouthwash was on clearance at my local grocery store, I bought it all up. I wish now that I had tried it first! Never have I experienced a dud product from Listerine the way I have with the Clean Mint Listerine Zero mouthwash.

Listerine Zero is a liquid that comes in Clean Mint flavor and is designed to help prevent cavities, restore enamel to teeth, strengthen teeth, kill bad breath germs, freshen breath, and fight plaque above the gumline, without alcohol. Presumably, this makes it safer for children and alcoholics to use. The Liter size lasts about a month, but it is not likely to do much for the consumer to prevent cavities, restore enamel or strengthen teeth, because it barely works to freshen breath. Who would have guessed? Alcohol is a key element for killing all the crap that sprouts up in one's mouth!

Listerine Zero is a light pale green liquid that comes in a clear plastic bottle. The Liter bottle is enough for about a month of daily use for two people. The black cap is tamper and child-resistant as it has a plastic seal and the cap itself must be squeezed on both sides to be twisted open. This prevents children - who have less gripping ability - from getting into the bottle and drinking this liquid as if it were a beverage. The Listerine Zero Clean Mint is a watery liquid with no leg that is designed to be swished in the consumer's mouth, gargled at the back of their throat and then spat out.

To use, simply twist open the cap, fill it with the solution and then tip the cap into your mouth. Unfortunately, nothing happens then. This mouthwash does not cause a tingle or anything to happen in the mouth. It barely freshens breath and when it enters the mouth, there is nothing but a vaguely minty flavor and no bite of any kind.

Spitting the rinse solution out leaves the mouth feeling only vaguely clean. The mint flavor is not terribly strong and it does not do much other than cover the causes of bad breath, as opposed to killing them. Unlike other Listerine products, I could see no demonstrable benefits from this mouthwash. It did not cut through plaque, did not seem to kill germs and it barely freshened breath. In other words, it did essentially what Scope does, but for an increased price and without doing it quite as well.

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