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Myah Isn’t Really Getting Her Vegetables With Purina Beneful Snackers (But They’re Still Good!).

The Good: Healthy, Decent dental benefit for dogs, Good ingredients, Smells great, Myah loves them! Affordable.
The Bad: Could always be less expensive, Myah does not go for these with the same zeal as other Benefuls treats
The Basics: Myah enjoys, but does not actively seek out, the Purina Beneful Snackers Baked Delights dog treats!

Following my Siberian Husky, Myah’s, disastrous stay at Deerfield Dog Lodging (reviewed here!), my wife and I have been both spoiling and retraining our seven year-old family member. In getting her to be actively engaged, lose her handshyness and respond to commands she knew before her stay there, we needed treats for training and reinforcement. One of the treats we’ve used with Myah are the Purina Beneful Snackers dog treats. These are the right size for a reinforcement treat for our seventy-pound dog, but she does not get all that excited about them when she is given an assortment of treats. That surprised me a bit because Myah loves most of the other Beneful treats.


We picked up the 9.5 oz. bag of Purina Beneful Snackers Baked Delights on clearance for $3.26, which still seemed a little pricy to me. Still, less than $4 for almost a month’s worth of dog treats is not a terrible price. Given that Myah will eagerly devour leftovers and a wide array of human food as well as the most basic, inexpensive dog food for big dogs, it is easy to make these treats last and use them well for training and reinforcement purposes.

The Purina Beneful Snackers Baked Delights dog treats are hard little treats that are made to look like little fruits or vegetables, though they all seem to be the same cheese and peanut butter flavors. Whenever the bag is opened, the Snackers smell like a salty snack, with a very faint cheddar scent to them. The Snackers come in three shapes: apple, pea pod and carrot. The apple-shaped snacks are 1 1/4" tall by 1 1/4” wide and 3/8" thick (at the thickest point, they are 1/4" thick for most of their shape). The carrots and pea pods are each 2” long by 3/4" wide (the same thickness as the other shape). The Snackers are all hard enough that they help brush the dog's tongue as they chew it.

Ease Of Preparation

This is a ready-to-eat dog treat and only requires one to open the bag to dispense. The bag is resealable to keep the treats inside fresh.

Myah’s Reaction

The crunchy Purina Beneful Snackers Baked Delights help physically remove plaque and other build-up from dog’s teeth. Myah’s breath improved noticeably when we gave her the Purina Beneful Snackers Baked Delights treats for a week. Knowing there is a clear dental benefit for these treats helped me rate them higher; these treats help minimize the need to brush your dog’s teeth and can save money at the vet’s.

However, Myah does not actively choose these. This is one of the treats that she will usually pass on when she is given multiple treats at a time. She does not seek them out and when she does eat them, she does not seem excited or look for more, as she does with several other types of dog treats. Even so, she does actively eat them when she is given them for performing basic tasks and when it is the only treat she is being offered.


The Purina Beneful Snackers Baked Delights dog treats are very healthy. With at least 14% crude protein, 6% crude fat and no more than 3% crude fiber and 20% moisture, the Purina Beneful Snackers Baked Delights offer some decent nutrition to dogs. Made primarily of wheat flour, ground yellow corn, and glycerine, Purina Beneful Snackers Baked Delights appear to have nothing bad in them. They do, however, have enough preservatives to make them last – the bag we bought a few months ago would have expired in August 2015, had Myah not eaten them before that time. As with all dog treats, it is highly recommended that when you give your dog Purina Beneful Snackers Baked Delights, you make sure they have a decent supply of clean water available. Purina Beneful Snackers Baked Delights treats are not intended to replace dog food.


Myah likes, but does not love, the Purina Beneful Snackers Baked Delights; they are rated fairly high because they are generally inexpensive-enough and have good ingredients and health benefits, but they are not our first choice for a dog treat.

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