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Good, But Not Extraordinary: The Hallmark 2014 1989 Batmobile Ornament Is Cool!

The Good: Generally good sculpt, Generally good coloring
The Bad: Wheels don’t move, Seems small for the price.
The Basics: For 2014, the 25th Anniversary of Tim Burton’s Batman is commemorated by the Hallmark 1989 Batmobile ornament, which is all right.

With all of the reviews I have done, it actually surprised me to learn that I have never reviewed an ornament of a vehicle before! The closest, it turns out, that I ever came, was the Mr. Plow ornament (reviewed here!). But, with my love of most things from DC Entertainment, I felt compelled to give this year’s Hallmark ornament from Tim Burton’s Batman. The ornament is the 1989 Batmobile ornament and it is a fair, but not superlative, ornament.

For those unfamiliar with the film, Batman (reviewed here!), Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego drives around in a sleek black vehicle that allows him to survive attacks from bullets and rescue Vicki Vale. Batman drives around Gotham City in the Batmobile and each film features a different one. The 2014 Batman film ornament is the 1989 Batmobile and it is pretty cool.


The 1989 Batmobile ornament features just the Batmobile, without any characters evident in it. The simple ornament is cast in glossy black plastic and measures 4 1/4” long by 1 3/4" wide by 1” tall. With its sound feature, the 2014 1989 Batmobile ornament commanded a $17.95 initial price.

The Hallmark “1989 Batmobile” ornament is well-cast in black plastic. It includes the Batmobile’s wings, boxy cockpit and missile-like shape. The 1989 Batmobile ornament features such precisely-sculpted molded details like the tiny bat symbols on hubcaps. The symbols are painted on with gray paint and are one of the few painted accents on the ornament. The 1989 Batmobile has very simplistic coloring to it, but the Batmobile did as well.

While the ornament features a surprisingly ornate level of sculpted detailing to the bottom of the Batmobile, the 1989 Batmobile does not have movable wheels. That undermines the feeling of value to this ornament.


Unlike most Hallmark Keepsake ornaments, the 2014 “1989 Batmobile” has no light effect, but it does have a sound clip that it plays. Powered by watch batteries, with the press of a button found on the back, top, of the ornament, the 1989 Batmobile plays the Danny Elfman theme to the film Batman. This seemed to be one of the more energetic themes from Batman, as opposed to the brooding piece that is perhaps more familiar to fans of the franchise. Regardless, the action-oriented theme is a decent one and fits the ornament well.


As with all ornaments, the intent of the Hallmark Keepsake “1989 Batmobile” ornament is to be hung on a Christmas Tree. And for those creating the ultimate DC Comics-themed Christmas Tree, the “1989 Batmobile” ornament is a good addition. The ornament has a steel hook loop embedded into the top of the Batmobile, back near the “wings.” The loop's location is surprisingly unobtrusive given it is on top of the vehicle and it is necessary for the ornament. The “1989 Batmobile” ornament is well-balanced from that location. Because the vehicle is supposed to be level, the fact that it is well-balanced makes the ornament work conceptually like it is supposed to.


Hallmark Keepsake began delving into the collectibles market in 1991 with Star Trek when it introduced the exceptionally limited edition original U.S.S. Enterprise ornament (reviewed here!). Within a few years, virtually every classic film franchise, persona, and pop culture icon jumped on the bandwagon and began merchandising with Hallmark as well. Classic properties like Marilyn Monroe, The Wizard Of Oz and both Marvel and DC Comics have been made into Hallmark Keepsake Christmas ornaments. “1989 Batmobile” is one of three Batman ornaments on the market in 2014. Fans of the film do not seem to be finding this ornament irresistible, as it appears perfectly available at every Hallmark Keepsake store I have been to since it was released in October. The ornament might end up as a decent investment piece if it is picked up on clearance after the holidays.


Fans of Batman, Tim Burton and Hallmark ornaments will find the 1989 Batmobile ornament to be worthwhile, even if it is not quite as nice in reality as the promo pictures for it made it out to be. The ornament is immaculately sculpted, but feels bland for its price. It is, still, worthwhile!

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