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Flavorful And Enjoyable, Seth Greenberg’s Authentic New York Orange Brownie Crunch Is Worth Hunting Down!

The Good: Delicious! Good ingredients
The Bad: Packaging does not protect the Brownie Crunch, Not especially nutritious
The Basics: For my second sampling of Seth Greenberg’s Authentic New York Brownie Crunch, I discover the Orange Brownie Crunch, which is impressive!

It’s a rare thing that I go back to a company that did not entirely wow me the first time out. Seth Greenberg’s Authentic New York Brownie Crunch left me somewhat underwhelmed with its Cinnamon Cappuccino Brownie Crunch (reviewed here!), so that I gave the brand another shot with its Orange Brownie Crunch is a rare thing. I am SO glad that I did!

Seth Greenberg’s Orange Brownie Crunch is impressive and almost singlehandedly justifies the existence of the entire brownie crunch snack line!


Redefining the nature of traditional brownies, Orange Brownie Crunch are 3/16" thick and, when unbroken, they are 3” long by 3” wide rectangular “chips” (or cookies). Each piece of Orange Brownie Crunch is fairly rough on both sides, like the bottom of a brownie that has been very much overcooked to solidify with the bubbles from the batter. Orange Brownie Crunch comes in a 4 oz. bag. According to the nutrition facts, a serving of Orange Brownie Crunch is one ounce, 28 grams and there are four servings per container. Measuring out this bag, we found that meant four pieces of Brownie Crunch per serving. Our bag, bought on the discount rack at my local grocery store, had only two completely intact, unbroken, pieces.

For those who have never had Brownie Crunch before, Brownie Crunch are flat, hard chips that are similar to bagel chips. Moisture - or saliva - dissolves Brownie Crunch on the tongue. They are more like a thin cookie than a soft, chewy brownie and bought in the store, most of the pieces of Brownie Crunch were broken up bits. The Orange Brownie Bites have the little chocolate chips (orange chocolate flavored chips) embedded in the tops of the Brownie Crunch. They actually look like they are melted into the tops. Some of the pieces have as few as two chocolate chips in them, some as many as twelve!

Ease Of Preparation

Unlike making brownies from scratch, Brownie Crunch is easy to prepare. Simply open the resealable bag and remove four pieces and consume. There is no other preparation needed; this is a ready-to-eat product. As one who absolutely loves the end of cereal (cereal crumbs), I found a certain delight in taking the two tablespoons of crumbs at the bottom of the bag, adding milk to it and eating it like cereal crumbs! The novelty of that, however, does not justify the expense of the Brownie Crunch.


Orange Brownie Crunch smells amazing! This Brownie Crunch smells entirely like orange, without any real hint of chocolate or brownie that the Brownie Crunch possesses.

On the taste front, the Orange Brownie Crunch is very dry, but wonderfully citrus flavored. This flavor of Brownie Crunch has an incredible blend of orange and chocolate to it. This Brownie Crunch is mildly chocolatey and it blends with the orange in a way that is not at all overwhelming for either flavor. The blend is an interesting mix of the two flavors.

There is a minimal aftertaste to the Orange Brownie Crunch and the aftertaste is much stronger that of chocolate than orange. That leaves the mouth a little dry, as if one had just had a strong, black coffee, as opposed to the sour one expects from citrus from the orange flavor.


Orange Brownie Crunch is a baked sweet food, so it is entirely predictable that it would not be the most nutritious product in the known universe. The Orange Brownie Crunch pieces are made primarily of sugar, flour, and water. There are, surprisingly, no unidentifiable ingredients in this food product and nothing that seems at all artificial (in fact, this is one of the few mass-produced product I have reviewed where the ingredients list reads more like a recipe than a chemical equation!). The bag of Orange Brownie Crunch carries an allergy warning for wheat, eggs, soy, tree nuts and milk.

Orange Brownie Crunch has 120 calories per serving, 20 of which are from fat, though it is tough to stick with the somewhat nebulous serving size of 28 grams. The 2.5 grams of fat represent 4% of the recommended daily value of fat and 8% of the daily recommended saturated fat; there are no trans fats in this Brownie Crunch. As well, there are 50 milligrams of sodium and 19 grams of sugars (23 total grams of carbohydrates). There is are two grams of protein and 10% of one’s RDA of Iron in a serving of Orange Brownie Crunch, but there are no other real nutrients in these.

These are not nutritious, but have nothing bad in them, so they make for a healthier sweet snack, though they are not Vegan compliant.


The Orange Brownie Crunch stores just fine in its bag, breakage aside, and as long as they are kept in a cool, dry (preferably dark) place it ought to last for a few months. The bag I bought several weeks ago bore an August 25, 2014 expiration date (I ate this all up before the expiration date!). This might not be an ideal food product to stock up on.

Unless one really crunches down sloppily on these, cleanup ought not to be an issue. The Orange Brownie Crunch generates quite a few crumbs, but they are pretty easy to clean up.


Seth Greenberg’s Orange Brownie Crunch is amazing on the taste and ingredient fronts, which makes for a delightful dessert snack!

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