Thursday, December 15, 2011

Woolite Extra Dark Care Detergent For High-Efficiency Washers Keeps Clothes Clean For An Inflated Price!

The Good: Cleans clothes well, Nice scent
The Bad: Comparatively expensive
The Basics: Woolite Extra Dark Care is a decent laundry detergent, but it keeps colors dark and clean at an inflated price.

My wife is pretty incredible when it comes to supporting my reviewing. She picks up many things with the express intent that I will review them. One of the latest, most simple, products she has picked up for me is Woolite Extra Dark Care laundry detergent. I was a little miffed when she got the Woolite for us; I seldom review laundry detergents and I've never paid anything more than I had to for laundry detergent. Woolite is more expensive than the average laundry detergent and Woolite Extra Dark Care is one of their specialized products.

The stated purpose of Woolite Extra Dark Care is to clean dark clothes without fading them. I suppose this is like a detergent for whites with a bleach alternative; the point is to clean without causing excessive wear and fading to the garments being washed. We used Woolite Extra Dark Care in our high-efficiency clothes washer and it appears to have worked.

Woolite Extra Dark Care is a surprisingly watery translucent blue detergent. It smells clean and the best analogy for the aroma to the detergent is ocean breeze. This detergent smells like a wind blowing out over a vast body of water. It is a very fresh, clean smell that stays on clothes. The scent endures for a little over a day in the closet and about an hour on clothes when one puts them on.

I liked Woolite Extra Dark Care and it did what it promised, but the truth is, I noticed no real difference between the cleaning power of this detergent versus other laundry detergents for high-efficiency washers. While my clothes got clean, I noticed no real fading with my other detergent before Woolite Extra Dark Care. The added expense of this detergent made me feel like I was paying extra for nothing. While clothes smell real good with Woolite Extra Dark Care and clothes get very clean, but does so at a fairly inflated price.

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