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Throwback To An Uncool Past: The Power Of The Force Bib Fortuna Figure Is Just Terrible!

The Good: Generally good sculpt, Fairly good accessory
The Bad: There exists a far better sculpt, Collectible value is terrible, Lack of articulation, Coloring
The Basics: A disappointing Star Wars figure that was later recast far better, the Power Of The Force Bib Fortuna action figure aspires to be average.

Some of the Star Wars action figures desperately needed a recast, even after Kenner made them in the late 1990s. Collectors who were excited about the new line-up and sculpts easily overlooked how bad some of the figures were at the time. For example, as the Return Of The Jedi wave of Power Of The Force figures was released, many eagerly picked up Bib Fortuna. Now, though, the Power Of The Force Bib Fortuna stands as a stunning failure in articulation and action figure coloring.

If Bib Fortuna is not instantly familiar, that is not surprising; his name is not said in the film. Bib Fortuna was Jabba The Hutt's attache, the albino Twi'lek who granted Luke Skywalker access to Jabba's palace in Return Of The Jedi (click here for my review!). He brought C-3PO and R2-D2 before Jabba and, presumably, died with the rest of Jabba's staff on Jabba's sail barge, though he fell out of the narrative after Luke's arrival.

Unfortunately, the second 4" Bib Fortuna figure is terrible. Sure, it might be a step up from the 1983 Bib Fortuna, but the Power Of The Force figure cannot hold a candle to the Saga Collection Bib Fortuna (reviewed here!).


Bib Fortuna is a Twi'lek with an astonishingly good center of gravity. Cast with his legs apart, but under flexible, rubbery robes, Bib Fortuna has his two head tentacles that are quite distinctive. The figure stands 4" tall to the top of his domed, white head. Bib Fortuna is dressed in a terrible dark teal outfit, most of which is covered by his armored robes. The figure is made of hard plastic, except the robes and the head tentacles.

This toy is a fair sculpt, looking very much like the alien Bib Fortuna. Even so, it is mediocre in its coloring detail. This Bib Fortuna lacks any real shading detail, so the face is all the same shade of white. Bib Fortuna's eyes are little more than pink and black dots and his lips are a strangely dark pink that is somewhat disturbing. Actually, the only coloring detail that is actually special is that Kenner painted Bib Fortuna's tiny, pirannah-like teeth into his mouth and they look pretty awesome! The costuming is not painted to illustrate any wear and lacks any finer details.


Bib Fortuna, alien aide to the greatest gangster in a galaxy far, far away comes only with his blaster pistol. The blaster pistol appears unique to Bib Fortuna and is a 15/16" black plastic gun shaped like an "L." Bib Fortuna's blaster is light on the molded details and lacking in any special coloring details. As a result, it fits the rest of the figure fairly well. The blaster may only be held in Bib Fortuna's right hand because his left hand is molded open.


The four inch toy line was designed for play and Bib Fortuna is poor in that regard. The figure is poorly articulated and lacks significant articulation to make it interesting with his weapon, largely because he only has straight-armed posing. Bib Fortuna has limited poseability. To its credit, it has pretty decent balance. This figure can actually spread its legs a little and be moved out of flatfooted position and the stiff plastic robes keep him standing.

Bib Fortuna is unfortunately low on articulation. While the figure has six points of articulation, all of which are simple swivel joints: shoulders, groin socket, neck and waist. Unlike subsequent sculpts, this is a pain to fit into accessories and the head articulation is utterly pointless. Bib Fortuna's head tentacles inhibit most of the head movement.


Bib Fortuna is part of the Power Of The Force four-inch series, a series of Star Wars action figures that was incredibly common. Bib Fortuna was ridiculously overproduced. As well, Bib Fortuna has been recast and even this Power Of The Force figure was re-released on another card. The result is this is a terrible investment figure!


Bib Fortuna from the Power Of The Force collection is another failure from the Power Of The Force line. For sure, it might have been the best we could get in 1996, but times have changed and this is one figure that is impossible to recommend to those growing up on toys today!

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