Monday, December 5, 2011

Myah Gets Her Freedom With The Titan Dog Tie Out Cable For Large Dogs!

The Good: Durable, Flexible, Easy-to-clean, Comparatively inexpensive
The Bad: No warranty . . .
The Basics: Despite my hopes that Titan could guarantee its Dog Tie Out Cable For Large Dogs would never snap, this dog tie lives up!

As my wife and I prepare for our first winter with Myah, our new four-year old Siberian Husky, we have begun some early holiday shopping. So far, Myah has gotten a brand new stake and the Titan Dog Tie Out Cable For Large Dogs. Titan has created what seems to be a perfect cable dog tie with its Dog Tie Out Cable For Large Dogs. I wish that there were some guarantee should Myah ever snap the cable, but I understand Titan being unable to make such a promise.

The Titan Dog Tie Out Cable For Large Dogs is a very direct piece of hardware. We picked up the thirty foot heavy tie, which is designed for dogs below 80 lbs. We were on the fence about getting the next size down – the one for Medium dogs – but because Myah is almost fifty pounds already (the upper threshold of that tie) we figured we would err on the side of overkill. The Titan Dog Tie Out Cable For Large Dogs is a 30’ long metal cable which is coated in a smooth PVC coating that is flexible and prevents the metal cable from fraying or rusting. Myah has shown no inclination to chew on the PVC coating of the cable, so it is very easy to keep the cable intact, regardless of the weather conditions and normal wear.

Each end of the cable ends in a 1” loop. Each loop houses a stainless steel clip. The clip is springloaded to close and that keeps the dog firmly attached to the cable! This is a remarkably easy cable to use.

Myah has enjoyed having her freedom by being able to be left outside in a limited area to roam. We can now do that, thanks to the Titan Dog Tie Out Cable For Large Dogs, which reminds me of a thicker version of the cables I used to use to lock my bicycle up with. This is convenient, durable and comparatively inexpensive. It shows no signs of wearing easily, making it ideal for keeping your big dog securely fastened while outside!

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