Thursday, June 30, 2011

It Does Exactly What It Promises, It's A Cat Litter Scoop!

The Good: Easy to clean, Durable, Filters clumping litter well, Easy to store
The Bad: None that I can find!
The Basics: The perfectly-designed, specialized tool for removing clumping litter from litter boxes, the cat litter scoop filters out clean litter while containing solid waste without absorbing nasty smells!

My cat litter scoop is a simple device made of glossy pearlescent blue plastic that is designed to fish clumps of kitty litter out of my cat's litter box. I use Cat's Pride Scoopable kitty litter and this scoop does a great job of flexing around the clumped litter to keep it together, while still being strong and firm enough to scrape the sides of the litterbox with.

This kitty litter scoop is the perfect device for removing litterbox clumps and feline feces from the litterbox. It is 11" long, 3 1/2" deep (the scoop is angled, so this adds depth), and 5" wide at its widest point. The cat litter scoop has a 6" handle for the 5"+ scoop, which allows one to scoop litter when it is attached to the litterbox walls with some force, without breaking the scoop and without getting one's hands too close to the litter, even if it slides to the back part of the scoop.

Using the cat litter scoop is easy; plunge the scoop into the litterbox and drag it toward the litter clump, angling the front under the deposit. Then, raise the scoop and fresh, clean litter will filter out the scoop's slots and the feces or solidified cat litter will remain in the scoop and may easily be dumped, flushed or otherwise emptied.

The cat litter scoop is made of a glossy, nonporous plastic which prevents clumping litter from adhering to the surface of the scoop. This makes it remarkably easy to clean the scoop as there is seldom anything to clean. When litter does adhere, the cat litter scoop easily washes off with just running water.

To store the cat litter scoop, there is a hole at the gripping end of the scoop's handle which makes it easy to hand the scoop on a nail or hook near the litterbox. The purpose of the scoop, of course, is to have a tool uniquely for cleaning out the litterbox so one does not have to use a slotted spoon, shovel or other device that is not as precisely intended for this purpose.

Believe it or not, this is a pretty calibrated device. Small clumps hold together well and leave a clump that easily filters the clean litter out, but some cats pee with a sprawl philosophy. The result is that sometimes the scoop needs to be shaken slightly, which usually splits the clump into two or three pieces. Still, the larger clumps do not break up more before the clean litter filters out.

In the five years I have had this cat litter scoop, none of the slot tines have broken and the plastic has not absorbed any odors from the litter or its contents.

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