Saturday, May 21, 2011

Almost Repeating Perfection: The Masterplan By Oasis Is Amazing!

The Good: DEFINITELY the best b-sides! Some great songs, lyrics and vocals!
The Bad: Some of the songs deserve to have stayed buried!
The Basics: A must buy, The Masterplan has some truly great songs that will rock you and make you think and feel!

If you've never owned an Oasis c.d. single, buy The Masterplan instead! All of the best Oasis songs from their singles appear here in what turns out to be a remarkably cohesive album. In fact, if one did not know that this album was simply a compilation of works previously released on the c.d. singles, it would be almost impossible to tell from the music on this album.

All of the best elements of Oasis are compiled here. The anthems (“Acquiesce,” “The Masterplan”) are big and bold, the acoustics (“Talk Tonight,” “Half the World Away”) are impassioned and the rock songs (“Going Nowhere”) rock! In fact, the entire album is a good collection that illustrates what could be all of the best factors of pop-rock music. It's rock music, but it ought to be popular. It's surprising that some of the songs never broke out as radio hits; "Acquiesce," as the band acknowledges in the liner notes could have been an A-track single.

Noel Gallagher's writing ability is at its peak with so many of the songs on this album (especially the five listed above!). The lyrics are smart and even the titles are indicative of the diction level that pervades the album. When in popular music, geared toward teens, have you even heard the word "Acquiesce?" You don't and that's another reason this is an album geared toward adults. Or anyone who likes intelligent music.

The instrumentals generally show more maturity than those that appear on Oasis' early albums (or just Definitely Maybe). The irony is that the tracks span from all three of the first albums, yet the feel of this piece is of a fourth album. The instrumentals go quite a way to making that true by using a vastly more diverse range of instruments than the early albums used. While the guitar track “The Swamp Song” is an exception to that, the full orchestra on "The Masterplan" is wonderful and shows great growth and maturity for the band.

This album almost manages to recreate the perfection the band reached on Be Here Now, save that it falls into the same problems as (What's the Story) Morning Glory? The Masterplan is an excellent addition to any Oasis fan's collection, especially for those who have the various singles and are tired of switching c.d.s every twenty minutes, yet are still desirous of hearing more than just the same album tracks from the first three albums. If you're not an Oasis fan, this is pretty much the ultimate sampler and a wonderful way to get to know one of the greatest bands of our time. The best tracks (great tracks!) are "Talk Tonight" and "The Masterplan" and the weakest link is "The Swamp Song."

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