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One Big Gun For One Of The Most Mediocre Soldiers Of The Galaxy: The Neimoidian Warrior Wobbles!

The Good: Good concept, Decent accessories, Accurate sculpt
The Bad: Serious balance issues
The Basics: The Neimoidian Warriors may be glossed over in The Revenge Of The Sith, but the action figure is pretty decent!

As I prepare, once again, to move from my current residence to a new house (my wife and I are actively looking now!), we are very excited about the idea of having space. Even so, I've been trying to downsize my Star Wars toy collection because I want to make sure we have enough room and I only keep the essentials of the lines. Even so, I am keeping the Revenge Of The Sith Neimoidian Warrior because it is a different-enough alien to be worthwhile and to enhance any number of Star Wars scenes I have figures for. This is only the second figure from Hasbro's Revenge Of The Sith line that I have reviewed, but it stands up well beside the Mustafar Sentry (reviewed here!).

For those unfamiliar with the Neimoidian Warrior, these were the lizard-like warriors seen in the background throughout Revenge Of The Sith (click here for my review of that film!). In some of the battle scenes, Neimoidians can be seen, but they are not highlighted in the movie in a way that would make them an essential Star Wars figure!

The 4" Neimoidian Warrior figure is all right and it fleshes out the full Star Wars universe wonderfully. There is only the one casting of the Neimoidian Warrior (there is a second Neimoidian in the line which uses the same head) and because it is a generic, alien, warrior, there is no harm in getting more than one for virtually any collector or play enthusiast!


The Neimoidian Warrior is an armored alien with a lizard or amphibian head that stands erect with its giant gun and helm which are coppery and make the creature look strongly defended. The alien figure stands 4 1/8" tall, to the top of its copper helm. The alien has two legs, two arms with elongated fingers that make it look more or less humanoid.

This toy is a decent sculpt, including in the proportions and coloring. The Neimoidian Warrior's head features the amphibian eyes with the strange segment line half through. The character is cast in a monotonal green-colored plastic which looks fairly realistic, at least according to the picture on the package from the film.

The Neimoidian Warrior has a very clean outfit which makes it look like a solid military force with armor that has been unpierced and unworn. The skirt is striped and flexible and matches the style and color of the rest of the armor. The helm the character wears looks more like something out of The Lord Of The Rings, but it fits the overall theme of this alien.

The green flesh of the Neimoidian Warrior is not entirely monotonal. The hands have enough shading to make the fingers look realistic and distinctly separate - so this doesn't look like the creature is wearing gloves or a latex prosthetic! Similarly, the detailing in the yellow eyes is good and the shading on the cheekbones is realistic as well.


The Neimoidian Warrior comes with only one real accessory. The Neimoidian Warrior comes with a blaster rifle unique to the figure. Intended to be held in both hands, the Warrior's weapon is 3 1/8" long and features a 3 3/8" projectile. The giant gun is cast in copper and gunmetal plastic which matches the color motif of the rest of the figure. The gun is activated by pushing the projectile in until it clicks, then depressing a trigger in the butt of the gun. This launches the projectile approximately 13". While this is not the greatest range, it is still pretty good for a figure that is over five years old.


The four inch toy line was designed for play and Neimoidian Warrior is fair in that regard. The figure is very articulated and has good poseability. Unfortunately, the Neimoidian Warrior has terrible balance and falls over even when standing flatfooted. This obscure warrior comes with a surprising twelve points of articulation, many of which are not simple swivel joints! As a result, it has joints at the ankles, groin socket, shoulders, elbows, wrists, neck, and waist and it twists at any of those points. The ankles and shoulders are hinge joints on the ball and socket which makes for impressive articulation. The head is also on a ball-and-socket joint.

Unfortunately, while the initial poseability of the figure is good, especially because the turning wrists allow for two-handed poses on the blaster rifle, the balance drives the value of the figure down. The Neimoidian Warrior tips over exceptionally easily and when it does, the helm falls of its green head and that is beyond annoying.


The Neimoidian Warrior is part of the Revenge Of The Sith four-inch series, a series of Star Wars action figures that was incredibly common. Even so, the Neimoidian Warrior appears to have been underproduced and this is the only sculpt of it! As a result, this is a figure that is liable to be a good investment figure! The Neimoidian Warrior is Episode III Collection figure #42 and Hasbro does not appear to have recast it again!


The Neimoidian Warrior might be obscure for non fans of Star Wars, but those who love the toys will enjoy how this enhances the whole Star Wars toy universe. If it wasn't so easy to tip over, this would be an essential alien figure. As it is, it is good, but not perfect by any means.

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