Friday, September 10, 2010

Classic Computer Product Review: Hewlett Packard LaserJet 6P Printer.

The Good: Durable, easy to use, excellent printing!
The Bad: They don't Make Them Anymore
The Basics: HP made the perfect printer for big projects and then they stopped making them. Shame on HP! The best printer I've ever worked with!

Back in the day, I tried my hand at reviewing my first Laserjet printer from HP and I loved it! This is a more “classic” review of a great product! As it turns out, they can still be found on the market and I still eagerly recommend the HP LaserJet 6P for those with heavy printing needs! Enjoy!

Every now and then a company gets something absolutely right and then they tweak it and basically ruin their good thing. Take Windows 3.11, for instance. Everything you wanted was right there on the screen, you could turn the computer on and off and it pretty much never crashed. Now, I can hit the power button on my computer and it doesn't turn off, I've got My Computer and 18 other places a file could end up and nothing is terribly convenient. I miss Windows 3.11. The HP Laserjet 6P is pretty much the same way.

I had my Laserjet 6P for a little over three years and it is easily the best printer I have ever owned and used. I am a novelist and this printer has dependably seen me through 36+ months with an average of 1200 pages of printing per month. It has been remarkably reliable and durable considering the number and varieties of papers sent through.

After three year’s use, the fixer bar tore and I have thus had to look into repairing or replacing this printer. You have no idea how disappointed I was to find HP has no comparable model out there today. The bottom feeding tray was a key selling point and in tens of thousands of pages I've printed, I never once had a paper jam. Not once.

While I was originally appalled by the price of the printer cartridges (retailing in the $60 range, found on-line for $40!), I soon came to realize how good of an investment they were; I've only had to replace cartridges twice.

The HP Laserjet 6P is the most economical, most durable, finest printer I've ever owned and if I'm unable to find another, I will seriously miss the one I had. There is no better printer.


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