Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Good Scent System With An Environmentally-Responsible Spray, The Coronado Cherry Fragrance Sprays Is Cool!

The Good: Good scent, Easy to use, Environmentally responsible distribution
The Bad: A little expensive, Does not solve any problems/address cause of smells
The Basics: Fragrance Sprays Coronado Cherry is worthwhile to pick up . . . for as long as it is on clearance!

Not long ago, my wife and I went to see Beautiful Creatures (reviewed here!) and our Siberian Husky was not feeling well. My wife and I came back to the car to discover that Myah had had an accident. Fortunately, we had put down a blanket and while we were able to clean up the car easily enough, there was a lingering scent in the car. We stopped at Toys R Us and my wife discovered a product on deep discount – down from $4.99 to $.20! – that was essentially an air freshener. The non-aerosol spray is designed to clear the air and it was wonderful. It is the Fragrance Sprays Coronado Cherry scented air freshener spray!

A clearance scent, Fragrance Sprays Coronado Cherry is a spray air freshener that comes in a 4 fl. oz. metal spray bottle. Topped with a pump-style spray nozzle, the Fragrance Sprays Coronado Cherry air freshener is exceptionally easy to use. Simply pump the nozzle and a mist explodes out of the canister. A single pump creates a cloud about 1 cubic foot in volume and that is enough to cast the scent around a medium-sized (12’ X 15’ X 9’) room.

The Fragrance Sprays Coronado Cherry canister is expensive at full price, but an exceptional value on clearance. For $4.99 or $.20, the canister gets at least sixty uses and the scent lasts at least two hours. My biggest gripe with it is that it does not address the causes of odor. In other words, if you have shoes that smell bad and use this Fragrance Sprays scent, within a day, they will smell bad again. Unlike something like a disinfectant (like Lysol) that kills bacteria that cause odors, the Fragrance Sprays just masks the scent. I would rather get more enduring value out of a disinfectant than an air freshener.

As for the scent, the Coronado Cherry is a delightful fruity scent. The aroma is like a concentrated maraschino cherry scent and it is strong and inviting.

To be fair to Fragrance Sprays, their air freshener does not claim to be a disinfectant. Moreover, even though cherry might not be my favorite scent of all time, the fact that the spray is a non-aerosol is a big selling point. I might not have chosen cherry, but the Coronado Cherry Fragrance Sprays is a great way to make a bad-smelling space smell great, even for just a few hours!

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