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A Super-Obvious Cashgrab That Should be Avoided: The Super Deformed Santa Yoda Is Worthless!

The Good: None that I can find.
The Bad: Vastly overpriced, Looks very little like Yoda, Low playability/poseability, No actual Star Wars tie-in!
The Basics: The Comics Images Super Deformed Santa Yoda doll is an obvious bid for Star Wars fans’ dollars and should be avoided on principle, as well as quality issues!

When I started this blog, I was reviewing a ton of things, without any real sense of order. At the same time, I was very busy moving reviews from the site I used to write for to my own blog before that was no longer possible. One of the first items that I panned pretty harshly was the Comics Images Super Deformed Yoda plush (reviewed here!). Now, as my blog is dominated by new reviews, I find myself revisiting the Super Deformed plush for one of the worst cashgrabs Star Wars fans can fall victim to. That would be the Comics Images Super Deformed Santa Yoda plush.

Santa Yoda is not at all canon for Star Wars and it is basically the Super Deformed Yoda with a Santa hat and holding a candy cane instead of his gimmer stick.


The Super Deformed plush Santa Yoda is part of a current movement in toys where recognizable characters are distorted. In this case, Santa Yoda is a 7” tall stuffed character where the head is over three inches of the overall height of the figure. Santa Yoda’s face also includes disproportionately large eyes and this is pretty creepy for most fans.

Santa Yoda is dressed in robes which make him look like he did on Dagobah and the cloth robes are fairly accurate and flexible. He also comes with minimal hair, which is also plush. But then, atop Yoda’s head, there is a bright red Santa hat that looks like nothing seen in Star Wars and, in fact, looks ridiculous there. The silliness is extended to a candy cane sewn to Yoda’s hands and that contrasts his earthtones that are part of his character’s thematic elements. The doll looks like a ridiculously top-heavy stuffed animal and it only bears a vague resemblance to Yoda the Jedi master.


There are no accessories with this plush doll. The candy cane and hat are attached (more or less permanently) to the doll.


The playability of this Santa Yoda is severely limited as it is a plush and it does not have articulated joints. Annoyingly, because of how disproportionately large the doll's head is, this figure falls over constantly, so it is poor for posing as well. One supposes little children may snuggle with it because it is entirely soft, but that is about it. Or, perhaps, they might recoil in fear because Santa Claus has become demented into a tiny troll.


The Comics Images Super Deformed plushes seem to be a failure commercially, as I never seem to have any problem finding any of them, including this ugly Santa Yoda plush. One suspects as the current fad for inaccurate dolls fades, these will rightly become worthless. As it stands now, they are vastly overpriced in the $10 range. I suspect that that is the peak price and that Santa Yoda’s value will only go down as time goes on and people wake up to the fact that the super deformed thing is a pretty lousy fad.


This Santa Yoda is one of the easiest Star Wars toys ever produced to avoid. It looks terrible, is not part of any recognizable canon and is disappointing in every possible way.

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