Monday, December 3, 2012

Average Cover Up, Febreze Limited Edition Falling Leaves & Spice Air Effects Spray Does What It Promises!

The Good: Good scent, Easy to use
The Bad: A little expensive, Does not solve any problems/address cause of smells
The Basics: Febreze Air Effects Limited Edition Falling Leaves & Spice is a decent air freshener that is ultimately ineffective.

I am not sure what it is about autumn that makes my wife think that our living area smells bad, but it seems that autumn is when she stocks up on products designed to make our home smell good. I don’t mind, but I take a little offense to the idea that we need so many products that smell so good. That said, I think that she has strong attachments to autumn scents. When she picked up the Febreze Air Effects Limited Edition Falling Leaves & Spice, I was wary (when I saw how much she spent, I was disappointed!). Falling Leaves is a nice sounding name, but the only reason leaves fall is because they are dead. Ergo, a scent claiming to be Falling Leaves would seem to smell like rotten leaves. Fortunately, the spice scent completely overwhelms any leaflike smell.

A seasonal scent, Febreze Air Effects Limited Edition Falling Leaves & Spice is a spray air freshener that comes in a 9.7 oz. metal spray bottle. Topped with a plastic spray nozzle and lever, the Febreze Falling Leaves & Spice air freshener is exceptionally easy to use. Simply press the lever and a mist explodes out of the canister. A one second burst creates a cloud about 1 cubic foot in volume and that is enough to cast the scent around a medium-sized (12’ X 15’ X 9’) room.

The Febreze Air Effects Limited Edition Falling Leaves & Spice canister is expensive. For $6.99, the canister gets at least thirty uses, but the scent only seems to last about half an hour. My biggest gripe with it is that it does not address the causes of odor. In other words, if you have shoes that smell bad and use this Febreze scent, within half an hour, they will smell bad again. Unlike something like a disinfectant (like Lysol) that kills bacteria that cause odors, the Febreze just masks the scent. I would rather get more enduring value out of a disinfectant than an air freshener.

As for the scent, the Falling Leaves & Spice is a very autumn spice. It smells of nutmeg and cinnamon with a hint of an earthy quality I suppose is what it considered leaves. The smell is not bad, but it is hardly as distinctive as one might want for the price.

To be fair to Febreze, their air freshener does not claim to be a disinfectant. But between the scent fading so quickly (it’s a good scent while it lasts!) and the expense, I expected more from Febreze Air Effects Limited Edition Falling Leaves & Spice air freshener.

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