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Gollum’s Love For Seafood Is Met With Pounce Tartar Control Salmon Flavor Treats!

The Good: My cats like it, It has improved my cat's dental health, Pretty fair price
The Bad: Not the most environmental packaging.
The Basics: Pounce Salmon Tartar Control treats are a preferred treat of Gollum on their own or mixed with regular cat food to promote feline dental health.

One of the challenges with owning a cat is keeping their teeth clean and preventing damage to them. Despite all of the warnings from my veterinarians, I’ve found there are really no issues with my cat’s, Gollum, teeth when I keep him on a pretty steady diet of tartar control treats. Using tartar control treats as a daily supplement to his cat food has virtually eliminated all plaque and tartar on his teeth. One of his favorite treats is the Pounce Salmon flavor tartar control treats.

Having given Gollum tartar control treats more or less every day for the last six years, Gollum’s teeth are perfect and he has had enough experience with treats to have developed a real preference for some over others. Pounce Salmon Flavored tartar control treats are one of the few he still gets excited about and he displays a clear preference above any other flavors of Pounce Tartar Control treats (reviewed here!).

Pounce Salmon Flavored Tartar Control cat treats are crunchy little treats that come shaped like little fish with a red and brown swirls. They are very hard and actually smell like fish. These treats are pretty much bite sized for a cat, though they require Gollum to chew them. Breaking them up certainly helps keep his teeth clean.

Pounce Salmon Flavored Tartar Control treats are the only Pounce cat treats I give my cats because they serve a function; they clean my cat's teeth. Were it not for that, odds are I would not give them treats. In recent years, the price of Pounce Salmon Flavored Tartar Control Treats has gone down. My wife and I were able to find Gollum’s latest bag at Big Lots for only $.70 for the 2.1 oz. bag.

Pounce has marketed itself as a champion of classic conditioning, urging pet owners who use Pounce to shake the container to bring cats to the owner for their treats. Pounce Salmon Flavored Tartar Control treats were available in the standard plastic "shake it up" container, though I've not found it in that form locally anymore. Now they always seem to come in the stiff-plastic pouches. This plastic creates a loud, recognizable crinkling sound that brings cats to it right away (I still call out to Gollum with the question "Who wants treats?" whenever dispensing this as a treat). Sadly, there are other food products (like vacuum-sealed dinners) that come in similar pouches and when opening them, one's cats are likely to descend, eager for a treat. Thank you, Pounce!

The truth is, though, I'm a somewhat lazy cat owner. Gollum keeps me moving around to play fetch and keep the litter box immaculately cleaned, I'm often too busy (or forgetful) to give him the treats he claims to deserve (he’s not always the good cat he declares himself to be!). As such, more often than not, Gollum gets the treats like Lucky Charms marshmallows in his dinner.

The package recommends 18 + two for each pound above eight pounds for cats Gollum’s size and he now gets 22 per serving! As a result, I tend to go through about a bag a week. I tend to keep one pouch for use as treats (they get treat time an average of once every other day) and I mix the rest into their food when I jar it up. I jar all of my cat food up to keep the potential mouse population at bay (mice like Pounce Tartar Control treats as well, I've discovered, and they can easily chew through the stiff plastic pouch). These treats seem to have an extensive shelf life (over a year) and I've never found them to be stale, though I would have no idea how to evaluate that as these are a crunchy treat anyway.

The Pounce Tartar Control treats advertise a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but Gollum has never complained or tried to exercise that guarantee, so I've no idea how good the customer service backing up the guarantee it.

It is also worth noting that however much Gollum loves these treats, Myah – our new Siberian Husky – has also illustrated a real preference for the Salmon Flavored Tartar Control Pounce treats. She will poke her head up into Gollum’s dish to enjoy some for herself.

I refuse to taste sample this treat myself to determine whether or not they taste like what they are supposed to. Gollum likes them and keeps coming back for them and they have lived up to the promise to maintain my cat's dental health; that make them well worth it for me!

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