Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gollum Fell For Purina’s Friskies Turkey & Cheese Dinner Savory Shreds Cat Food!

The Good: Gollum genuinely seemed to enjoy it, Seems nutritious
The Bad: Comparatively expensive, Not all natural.
The Basics: Purina Friskies Turkey & Cheese Dinner Savory Shreds for cats is a treat my cat Gollum truly judges to be a treat!

Gollum continues to make it through his various holiday food gifts. I actually have to admit, I am a little saddened that I was not around when my wife opened the new can of Purina Friskies Turkey & Cheese Dinner Savory Shreds In Gravy. As it was, she opened it for Gollum about five minutes before I returned home from work the other day . . . and when I came into the room, Gollum was almost done devouring the contents of the 5.5 ounce can! This is definitely a success for Friskies!

My mother picked up the Turkey & Cheese Dinner Savory Shreds for Gollum for the holiday. The 5.5 oz. cans have been on sale locally $1.74! The Turkey & Cheese Dinner Savory Shreds In Gravy opens up easily enough in the 5.5 oz. can. The can has a pull-tab which easily lifts off (like old pudding containers used to) and it pulls the metal lid off as the can is perforated at the edges. Opening the can reveals the food inside. Turkey & Cheese Dinner Savory Shreds looks likelong brown shreds of meat. More than any other cat food I have seen before, this catfood varies in size and shape, though almost none of the shreds are more than 1/8” in diameter. I did, however, find shreds that went up to an inch long.v It is not recommended to have owners leave the food in the can to have the cat lick it out as the edge of the can may still be sharp enough to hurt a cat's tongue. My wife spooned this out for Gollum and he very happily devoured it.

As for the Turkey & Cheese Dinner Savory Shreds itself, the catfood smell very much like turkey and, oddly enough, tuna fish. There is no real cheese smell to the food and I suspect that Gollum approached his dish right away when my wife opened the can from the sound of the can opening more than the smell.

The Turkey & Cheese Dinner Savory Shreds is made with real meat, especially turkey and chicken and Friskies does that quite well. The primary ingredients are water, meat by-products and turkey. According to the guaranteed analysis on the can, there is a minimum of 9% crude protein and 3.0% crude fat and no more than 1% crude fiber, 2% ash, and 82% moisture. There seem to be plenty of nutrients like calcium present in the food, which makes sense when one considers there are actual animal by-products in this food. This is not wheat-free.

The recommended serving size is one ounce per pound of cat per day, but I cannot honestly see giving Gollum this outside as an occasional treat. Dry food is so much less expensive than two cans of this would be per day. As important, as an occasional meal, this thrills him and I am all right with the environmental impact of it. As a daily thing, I think I would quickly resent poor Gollum. Moreover, despite loving the occasional fish dinner, Gollum still prefers hard catfood. Hard catfood also has clear dental benefits that the Turkey & Cheese Dinner Savory Shreds does not have. When the cats chew (to split into bite-sized pieces) their hard catfood, it scrapes plaque and tartar off their teeth. There is no such physical operation going on with this catfood. Gollum's mouth smelled like fish for hours after each serving of this food.

Finally, the 5.5 oz. container is the least efficient and environmentally sound way to purchase this catfood. In addition to being the most proportionately expensive way (buying by the single can always is), the sheer amount of waste this generates in aluminum cans is stifling to anyone with an environmental conscience.

Gollum liked this and I know that it is near the top of the wet canned foods for Gollum when he is treated to one, but it is hard to justify replacing his daily food with Friskies Turkey & Cheese Dinner Savory Shreds.

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