Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Myah Seems To Love EverPet Rawhide Knotted Bones!

The Good: Myah loves them, Nothing bad in them, Keeps dog’s teeth clean.
The Bad: Proportionately expensive, Environmental impact of the wrappers.
The Basics: One of the easiest ways to keep my Siberian Husky happy is to throw her an EverPet Rawhide Knotted Bone, a tactic that works well . . . as long as my wallet will support it.

As Myah, my new Siberian Husky, continues to adapt to life with my wife and I, we have been discovering many new (to us) products that work to keep Myah stimulated, fed and well-behaved. One of the chief tools we have discovered is the EverPet Rawhide Knotted Bone.

The EverPet Rawhide Knotted Bone is a 2.29 oz. white rawhide treat that has been formed into a bone shape with knots on both ends, for the traditional barbell or bone shape consumers might expect from a dog treat. The EverPet Rawhide Knotted Bone is found locally for $1 a bone at the local dollar store and that is a generally fair price. I find myself disappointed that there is not a decent bulk pack for these bones that would both save us money and protect the environment better. The EverPet Rawhide Knotted Bone has a poor environmental impact because each one comes individually wrapped in plastic and a paper wrapper.

The EverPet Rawhide Knotted Bone is supposedly “beef” flavor, but these white rawhide treats are not colored with any apparent flavoring on them, so how rich the flavor is is debatable. What is undeniable is that Myah still thrills to them. Since Myah came into our lives, we have given her over a dozen of these treats and she always gets excited for them.

The expense of the EverPet Rawhide Knotted Bone is somewhat high when one considers that Myah spends about forty-five minutes eating this treat. That is not a bad amount of time, but when one considers the giant bone treats that can frequently be found in bulk for proportionately less money, the expense does seem a bit high, at least outside any type of EverPet bulk pack.

Getting Myah’s teeth brushed has proven to be a hassle and a challenge, though, so in that context one of the EverPet Rawhide Knotted Bone hardly seems too high a price. These bones help promote good dental health as the act of gnawing and chewing them apart physically removes plaque and other food from the dog’s teeth. Myah’s breath gets marginally better after eating them.

It is important to note that when one serves a dog a rawhide treat like the EverPet Rawhide Knotted Bone, they should have plenty of water. Myah’s ritual has been to eat a whole bone over the course of forty-five minutes to an hour before getting up, draining her bowl and then collapsing for a two hour nap. Tough life, a dog’s life!

Regardless, while Mitzie might not have been an enthusiast for the rawhide, clearly Myah is and the EverPet Rawhide Knotted Bone is a consistently good treat for her.

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