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The Epitome Of Raspberries: VO5's Wonderful Herbal Shampoo Sun-Kissed Raspberry Shampoo!

The Good: Smells great, Cleans hair, Inexpensive
The Bad: Does not condition
The Basics: VO5's Sun-kissed Raspberry shampoo is a wonderful shampoo for normal hair that cleans hair as good as any number of more expensive options.

I'm sitting in front of my computer with my bottle of VO5 Sun Kissed Raspberry Herbal Shampoo and I'm wondering what makes for a great shampoo. Having reviewed the Bath & Body Works Cinnamon Bun Heaven 3-in-1 (review here!) and finding it be good enough, I'm forced to ask myself what is the best possible shampoo?

I mean, honestly, what do we expect of a shampoo? I expect it to clean my hair. Often, we want it to smell good. Nevertheless, as a kid who went to summer camp, I'd highly recommend that nasty-smelling RID shampoo to kill creepy crawlies that one finds themselves potentially carrying when they return. So, scent is not necessarily a dealbreaker. In my first review in this section, I received the delightful comment "we all shower, right?" which made me smile when I was about to ask "At the end of the day, what is shampoo?" Shampoo is a cleaner that we apply to our hair, wash out and assume that it is getting it clean.

My basic philosophy on shampoo is this: I want something that is inexpensive as possible that makes me feel like my hair is clean. Period. That's it. I'm not paying a ton of money on something I'm just washing down the drain (literally). I believe, therefore, that the VO5 Sun Kissed Raspberry Herbal Shampoo might well be the best shampoo for normal hair out there.

With a cost of approximately $1.00 for a 15 oz. bottle, Sun Kissed Raspberry is certainly a value. The bottle is smooth and does not have any ribbing or other texturing to it, so it does slip out of the hands easily, which is not great for a product one is using in the shower. The cap has a flip-top that makes it very easy to get the shampoo out with only one hand. I've found that once the bottle is half empty, it's easy to do this one handed without dropping the bottle.

The scent is a strong raspberry smell. I can't speak to the sun-kissed, but this certainly smells like the raspberry and camomile scents that the front of the bottle promises. It's rare I find something that genuinely smells like what it promises to smell like, but this simple shampoo does smell like raspberries.

Like most shampoos, there is nothing mysterious to using this product. You wet your hair, lather it up with this shampoo (I use about a quarter-sized drop of the shampoo and I have long hair), and rinse. There have been one or two times I've repeated, but for the most part, this product leaves one's hair feeling light and clean after the first rinse, assuming one rinses thoroughly. This shampoo rinses out rather well and leaves the hair with a mild scent of raspberries that lasts about an hour in normal activity.

Some reviews criticize how short the duration of the scent is, but I actually liked that about the sun kissed raspberry herbal shampoo. Because the scent wears off within an hour, this leaves the user free to scent themselves with whatever else they would like to smell like; a perfume, antiperspirant, body spray, coffee, whatever. I like that the smell wears off because that makes me feel like the product did its job and went on its merry way (down the drain).

And this does not dry out my hair, nor does it leave it with any greasy residue. It's a perfectly balanced product for normal hair, just as it advertises. I think that makes for a perfect shampoo. A bottle goes a long way. One bottle lasts me about a month and if I can escape with paying only $15.00 a year for shampoo, that's pretty wonderful.

If I could get away with that, I'd be thrilled. VO5 has a separate conditioner that runs about $1.00 a bottle as well. While the shampoo does not dry out my hair, it also does not protect it, which pretty much necessitates getting the conditioner as well. It would be nice if they came together, but . . .

Regardless, sun kissed raspberry is a wonderful option for those of us who want to look and smell good (at least for a time) but who do not want to spend a lot of money to do it. I've spent a lot more at various points in my life to get the same results. These days, I just go with what works and this does.

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