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Han Solo Or Captain Cold: The Saga Legends Hoth Han Solo Has Much To Recommend It!

The Good: Decent detailing, Good accessories, Great balance, Wonderful articulation!
The Bad: Low collectibility.
The Basics: After the near-perfect Original Trilogy Collection, the Saga Legends Han Solo (Hoth) figure gets more details right and slides back on a few others!

Ironically, my tenure working at comic book shop that sold collectible toys did not see an explosion of reviews of the newest, latest toys. The reason for that, of course, is that most collectible toys are not the ones that are available at every Toys R' Us or Target in America at any given moment. But, to stay competitive, the owner of the store bought some of the current Star Wars figures and I was able to beef up my collection at reasonable prices for a change. This meant that my collection of Vintage Collection and Saga Legends figures has been expanded and that is good for both my collection and my wife (who is very happy when I get rid of any of the older stuff to make more room in our home!). Today, I take a moment to consider the Saga Legends Han Solo, which joins my new IG-88 (reviewed here!) and Saga Legends General Grievous (reviewed here!) figures. The Saga Legends Han Solo is intended to be the logical successor to the 2003 Original Trilogy Collection Hoth Rescue Han Solo (reviewed here!) and while it solves some of that figure's problems, it is not the absolute perfect iteration of the figure one might have hoped for.

For those unfamiliar with Han Solo, he is seen in The Empire Strikes Back (reviewed here!) on Hoth. Eager to get off the planet and pay his debts, Solo is distracted by the presence of an Imperial Probe Droid. Venturing out with Chewbacca, he destroys the probe droid and on his own, he rescues Luke Skywalker from freezing to death on the icy plains!

The 4" Han Solo figure from the Saga Legends Collection is Han Solo in his Hoth parka and hood with all of the appropriate gear to survive the frozen wasteland.


The Han Solo figure stands 4" tall to the top of his hooded head. He is dressed in the long winter coat and padded pants he was seen in on Hoth.

This toy is an excellent sculpt, with details not put successfully on the prior figures included, like the cravat which Solo had around his neck. His hood is cast to look like it has bushy fur coming out and this dwarfs the face of Han Solo beneath. The coat is a straight, slightly padded-looking coat which features a length that makes it extend below the waist like a skirt. That part is cast in a very soft plastic, so it does not inhibit the poseability. Han Solo features a belt and holster for his blaster as well as the gloves and boots he wore on Hoth. There are pockets molded into the shoulders that look almost functional! The boots, as well, look authentic. Where the figure falls down some is in the sculpt of the face. Hidden back in the hood is Han Solo's face and it looks very generic and not much like Harrison Ford.

That said, this Han Solo has generally decent coloring, except on the skin tones. The eyes are cheated so there is little more than two black dots inside the white eyeballs. Outside that and the fact that the lips are not colored at all, this Han Solo is immaculately colored. This is a clean look for Han Solo, without snow on the coat or pants. The coat, especially, has realistic depth and shading that makes it look worn and weathered. This is not a monotonal figure and that is something many of the earlier incarnations got wrong! Even the gloves have two different colors to them, which is neat. The coat features the Rebel rank insignia on the chest as well. Outside the human part, this Han Solo is incredibly detailed on the coloring details!


Han Solo, Rebel and smuggler, comes with only three accessories, in addition to his stand. He has a pair of goggles, blaster pistol, and electrobinoculars. The goggles are a 3/8" wide by 3/16" tall semitransparent set of goggles designed to fit over Han Solo's eyes. They are perfectly molded to do just that and they can also sit atop his hat's visor underneath his hood. No matter how vigorously this Han Solo is played with, the visor does not fall off the figure's face or hat!

The blaster is a simple 11/16" gun molded entirely in black plastic. The blaster features a scope on the top and a silver discharge barrel, making it look very distinctive. The blaster fits in either of Han Solo's hands and also perfectly in the holster on Solo's right hip.

Finally, there are the electrobinoculars. This accessory is a 3/4" long by 3/4" wide white block which is attached to a 1 1/2" long strap which fits nicely around the Han Solo figure. The electrobinoculars are cast to look just like the device used by Han Solo on Hoth and the only real drawback of them is that they cannot fit into either of Han Solo's hands.

Han Solo does come with a stand which was emblematic of the 2010 Saga Legends series. The stand is a 2 3/8" wide by 1 7/16" deep by 1/4" tall stand that is light gray colored. The holes in either of Han Solo's feet fit the pegs on the stand and allow him to stand completely stable. As well, there is a slot for the game card that comes with the Saga Legends figure. The figure also comes with a bag featuring a random assortment of weapons from Star Wars figures (in my case seven) that allow one to customize the play experience. Some don't even fit in Han Solo's hands; others look ridiculous there.


The four inch toy line was designed for play and Han Solo is exceptional in that regard. Han Solo has decent balance on or off his stand, which makes him good for play or display, so long as one keeps him flatfooted. Out of a flatfooted position, Han Solo tips over, but because of his ankle articulation, it is very easy to get this figure into a number of more complicated poses!

This Han Solo is articulated at the ankles, knees, groin socket, waist, shoulders, elbows, wrists and neck. The head is on a ball and socket joint, but because of the cravat, the articulation there is a bit limited. The shoulders, ankles, elbows and knees all have great articulation with the hinged ball and socket joints. This gives him great poseability and allows him to be posed in almost entirely lifelike ways.


Han Solo is part of the Saga Legends line that was released in 2010. Han Solo is 2010 Saga Collection figure SL22. Han Solo was fairly common and demand for it was easily met. Because Han Solo figures have been produced in so many toy lines since the Power Of The Force line, this is one many fans feel they can pass by and I am keeping mine because it is more articulated and the coloring details are more correct than the Original Trilogy Collection figure. This is not a great investment toy, despite the popularity of Han Solo.


The Saga Legends Han Solo is a good casting of a character who is a legend of the Star Wars Saga. Even so, this iteration doesn't really look like the iconic character and there are some issues with playability that rob it from consideration of perfection.

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