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The Coolest Star Wars Limited Edition Figure: B'Omarr Monk Mail-Away!

The Good: Good detailing, Decent collectible nature, Stable balance
The Bad: Later recast, undermining value some.
The Basics: The B'Omarr Monk is a limited edition Return Of The Jedi action figure which was a mail-away exclusive which required few details because it was a background creature.

When it comes to obscure characters from the Star Wars Trilogy, one of the coolest figures has to also be one of the ones that was limited for a long time. That was the mail-away B'Omarr Monk action figure. If you're straining your memory to recall when and where the B'Omarr Monk was in the movies, the B'Omarr Monk was the giant mechanical spider seen behind C-3P0 and R2-D2 when they enter Jabba's Palace in Return Of The Jedi (reviewed here!).

The 4" B'Omarr Monk is a big, well-detailed supplementary alien character that most die-hard Star Wars fans will like.


The B'Omarr Monk is a 4" tall plastic replica of the mechanical spider with a 5" in diameter footprint. The figure was released initially as a mail-away exclusive and came with the legs and descending claw detached from the main body. This figure is made of a combination of solid plastic, with the abdomen being made of a more rubbery plastic. Fortunately, in the little mail-away box, the B'Omarr Monk comes with directions on how to assemble the legs, which is as easy as snapping them onto the posts on the main body.

This toy is a decent sculpt, which seems like it would be easy as this was mechanical and wreathed in shadows anyway. Still, Hasbro included a translucent bowl for the cyborg spider's brain and even colored it so it would look like it had fluid in it! The claw underneath the main body is colored silver-gray which is a nice touch of realism.

Having had mine for over ten years, this is one of the few Kenner figures which has not faded, joints loosened or been completely devalued by recasts over the years. The B'Omarr Monk is monotonally cast in brown-gray plastic, but because the character in the film was shown only in shadow (backlit) the coloring seems realistic and the abdomen is appropriately detailed with a subtle pattern.


The B'Omarr Monk comes with no accessories as the figure has no hands to hold anything. As well, it wasn't seen with any equipment in the film.


The four inch toy line was designed for play and the B'Omarr Monk is excellent in that regard. Because it has six pointed legs, it stands very stable and can be posed quite a bit for play.


The B'Omarr Monk was a very limited figure when it was released, as it was part of a mail-away promotion. This kept the value quite high for years, until Hasbro re-released it years later as a carded figure with a few additional goodies. Still, this has remained inflated from its original price in the secondary market.


The B'Omarr Monk is a simple plastic mechanical spider from Return Of The Jedi which stands up after a decade of play!

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