Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You Don't Get Much More Basic Than The Lixit Hay Rack!

The Good: Easy to clean, Durable, Organizes cage well, Inexpensive
The Bad: None…
The Basics: Perfection by default, the Lixit Hay Rack does exactly what it promises in providing a cleaner, more manageable way to dispense hay into a rabbit’s cage.

In the annals of exciting products to own and review, one suspects there are few products that one could write more about or with more enthusiasm than the Lixit Hay Rack. Okay, that might be overstating it, but the truth is, for those who have rabbits, a Hay Rack quickly becomes a necessity and I can find no fault with the one we purchased for our new rabbit, Rowe!

As I noted in my review of LM Animal Farms Timothy Hay (click here for that!), hay is an essential part of a rabbit’s diet. However, left to their own devices, rabbits will nest in hay and urinate all over it and then eat it, which is pretty gross by any standards. As well, most young active bunnies will make a crazy mess out of hay as they not only love eating it, but they seem to enjoy throwing it around. The solution is simple: a hay rack. The Lixit Hay Rack is essentially a big plastic chute which attaches to the outside of a rabbit’s cage and allows for easy dispensing of hay into the cage.

Made of fairly thick (about ¼” thick) glossy plastic, the Lixit Hay Rack is 10 ½” wide x 5” tall x 4 ½” deep, extending outward from the outside of the cage. Attaching the Hay Rack is absolutely simple. All one needs to do is find two of the bars (which are oriented vertically) and slide the Hay Rack’s plastic guide over them. This basically pulls the hay rack toward the bars and basic friction keeps it attached. Then, one simply adds hay to the chute through the open top. The rabbit walks over to that wall of the cage lifts their head up and pulls the hay through the bars of the cage. It is that simple. Because there are no complicated fasteners, the hay rack does not stop working and the only way it seems like it might ever warp is by overfilling the hay rack constantly, though that would risk breaking the tabs right off.

If, for some reason, the hay rack becomes dirty, the glossy plastic is exceptionally easy to wash and as a result, this product – which we found locally for $6.00 – is both inexpensive and easy-to-use. Since installing the hay rack, Rowe has generally wandered over to it every few hours and pulled out a little more than she needed. However, we have considerably reduced the waste from when we were just putting handfuls of hay into her cage. Now, she pulls out some, but does not roll around in ALL of her hay. The result is a cleaner cage and a cleaner area right around the cage!

Ultimately, this is one of those simple products which is pretty much idiotproof and when it works, it works. There’s little else to say about the Lixit Hay Rack, except that if you have a rabbit, it might be best to start off the experience of owning the rabbit and feeding it hay by having this on the cage from the beginning. It sure beats getting frustrated at a bunny’s natural instinct to play in hay nd then buying one just to keep sane!

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