Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yes, It's A Little Marble Or Granite Block, But It Keeps Out Rabbit Cool, The Chin-Chiller Works!

The Good: It works, Generally inexpensive, Easy to clean, Durable
The Bad: A little smaller than I'd like.
The Basics: Near perfect for rabbits, the Chin-Chiller could be a little bigger, but offers a cooling surface for rabbits in their cage!

Yesterday, as I tried to pay homage to my little rabbit, Rowe, I made sure to get all of the reviews I had written off the site I am evacuating and into my blog. The only rabbit product review that did not get reposted on Rowe's death date was this one, the Chin-Chiller. Yesterday, as I cleaned out Rowe's cage while my wife was at work, I found myself considering this very simple device and it felt ridiculously cold in my hands. It was so solid and real and it left me thinking about the absence of little Rowe. If I had been more together yesterday, perhaps I would have buried the Chin-Chiller with Rowe as this quickly became her very favorite place to stay. Rowe would probably have rated this as a perfect product, she loved it so much. But I watched the way she would slide on it at times and the way her forepaws eventually hung over the edge because she got so big. I found myself wishing it were larger so Rowe could have been more comfortable on it. That's the only real drawback of this product. So, as I say good-bye to Rowe almost exactly a day after she passed on, I'm enthusiastically recommending the Chin-Chiller even if it is not a perfect fit for rabbits. I'm also opting not to change the original language of the review any farther. Thanks for reading!

As my wife and I get used to having a rabbit as a part of our family, we continue to find new (to us) products that quickly become indispensable to us. As poor Rowe, our mini-rex rabbit began to overheat in her cage, we went searching for something to keep her cooler. We discovered the Chin-Chiller, a product designed to keep rabbits, chinchillas and other small animals cool under the exact same circumstances as our Rowe has been suffering from.

The Chin-Chiller is a simple polished granite block. It is a 10" long by 6" wide by 1/2" thick white and black speckled granite block that is designed to cool small animals down by virtue of it simply being a rock that takes a lot to raise the temperature of. It may seem like a somewhat ridiculous idea, but it works. After about three hours from the first time we put our Chin-Chiller in the rabbit's cage, Rowe was flopped out on it, lounging comfortably. It has quickly become her favorite bedding area and during the hottest parts of the day, we find her there looking comfortable and relaxed.

There is no mystery to the Chin-Chiller: it is a granite slab. When Rowe first received it, she would still bathroom near it, but now she is very careful not to poop or urinate on the Chin-Chiller. There's nothing truly bad that happens when she does her business there; the Chin-Chiller is easy to clean off because it is polished to be nonporous. As a result, anything that gets on the Chin-Chiller may be easily wiped off with a warm, wet cloth.

The only real gripe I have about the Chin-Chiller, which is inexpensive when one considers the ability it has to keep small animals cool, happy and alive, is the size. As the name suggests, this product is ideally intended for chinchillas. As such, it is a little small for our rabbit, Rowe. Ideally, we would need two of these next to one another to get the full benefit for Rowe, but then we would also need a larger cage, given how much space these take up.

The packaging for the Chin-Chiller recommended getting two and freezing whichever one is not currently in use to have a reliably cold Chin-Chiller available at all times. I tried this with the one we had with Rowe and she would not throw herself atop the Chin-Chiller until it was a little bit warmer than freezing, so this might not be the ideal way to entice every animal.

That said, the Chin-Chiller is a ridiculously simple product that actually works exactly as it is supposed to. Who could ask for anything more?

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