Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Perfect Litter For Rabbits, "Cozy 'N Fresh" Lives Up To Its Name.

The Good: Smells good, Absorbs odors, Clumps well, Comparatively inexpensive, Rabbit uses it!
The Bad: None!
The Basics: A perfect litter for rabbits, Cozy 'N Fresh Natural Pine Bedding And Litter does all it promises to do affordably!

When one gets a new animal, there is usually a learning curve as one finds products to properly pamper their animal with and they go through a period of separating the facts from the hype. In the case of our new rabbit, Rowe, my wife and I have done an amazing job of staying ahead of the curve by selecting products that work great the first time out. In the case of finding a great litter for Rowe to use, we hit it perfectly with our first try out when we picked up the twenty pound bag of Cozy 'N Fresh Natural Pine Bedding And Litter For Small Animals!

Having had a rabbit in the house before, I knew it was possible to litter train a bunny, but what surprised me was how very fast it could be done with the proper materials. While my mother trained her rabbit, Bunny, over the course of several months with cat litter in a box underneath her grate in her cage, my wife picked up a litter pan for Rowe and we put in Cozy 'N Fresh Natural Pine Litter. Within two weeks, Rowe was consistently hopping up into the litter pan to go to the bathroom. It was the only place she has urinated (outside the cat litter boxes when we let her out of her cage) since.

The Cozy 'N Fresh Natural Pine Litter is a clumping litter which appears to be supercompressed pine sawdust. The dust is compressed into tiny pellets (each one about 1/4" long and 1/8" in diameter. Opening the heavy plastic bag, the scent of a pine forest is instantly released, so the Cozy 'N Fresh smells good to people, not just rabbits!

Usage is as simple as pouring the pine litter into a litter tray and letting your animal do its business on it. Ours can go about five days before we need to change the litter and then we need to change it not because it smells, but because it has all been activated. This is a clumping litter which breaks down from pellets into a larger, more cohesive blob when it encounters the drenching wetness of animal urine. Once there are no more pellets, the urine does not soak into the litter and the animal is likely to stop using the litter box (it also gets their paws dirty if they step in that mash).

After seeing whether or not an animal uses the litter religiously, there are three criteria I tend to judge a litter on: odor management, ease of disposal and cost. Cozy N' Fresh smells like a pine forest and it retains that smell. It also absorbs all of the rabbit urine odor so our rooms do not smell at all like we have a rabbit. The Cozy 'N Fresh is perfect on odor control. As for ease of disposal, this clumps wonderfully, so it may easily be flushed down the toilet with no harm done to the pipes or the waste treatment process. Living in a rural area as I do, I've been composting the used Cozy 'N Fresh and it breaks down beautifully mixing in with compost to help new plants grow. However, I have noticed that the outdoor rabbits tend to hang around wherever I dump the used Cozy 'N Fresh, so if one does not like having outdoor critters, that might be an issue.

Finally, the Cozy 'N Fresh is fairly priced. Our first twenty pound bag cost us $10.99 at a local pet store and after three months, we're only about two-thirds through it. It remains fresh, odor absorbent and clean, which makes it a great value.

In short, the Cozy 'N Fresh Natural Pine Bedding And Litter for small animals is a perfect product that our rabbit has used consistently since the moment we first got it.

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